1. Castor oil. Also it seem like you use a sponge on ur hair? If so use it less, it can cause hair loss

  2. Off topic but I swear I read that’s bad for your back

  3. i didn’t even know you could do that lmao

  4. You will probably need bonding. At least that’s what my orthodontist said I will need at the end of my treatment. I have a lot of gaps and I can tell they’re being moved to the back.

  5. what do u mean. i just need all my teeth to shift in order to close a single gap

  6. It be nice if we could actually see a picture of your hair. Your jeans are nice though

  7. How do you grow it ? By taking it one day at a time and going to a barber at the right time .. what kind of question is that?

  8. i know a dude who’s hair been the same length since middle school

  9. if u not a rapper, trapper, ball player or scammer u might as well not even try

  10. Thank you. We even had someone (or the natural hair firm) post a pic of a white man with straight hair asking how he could get his hair like that.

  11. next time use tik tok and youtube. i messed up the first time too. and always check reviews

  12. I think we should just accept nothing will accelerate faster than a Tesla Plaid and just enjoy gas cars without comparing them at this point lol as if the plaid is the gold standard of cars, enjoy your gas guzzlers fellas

  13. Those flames! I bet that is Tesla flamethrowers

  14. “Ain’t have my strap, baba shot back” sounds just like Tim jumping out for quando

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