1. You’re right, I should’ve put “Only in Battlefield” for the 142,592,264th time across all the BF subreddits lol

  2. Thanks man! Here’s a better look at the outfit:

  3. Well, your flair says you're a collector. Maybe stick to that.

  4. But the money you get from bounty hunting is so worth the effort.... wait

  5. IIRC Noob's stance is pretty close to OG Sub's stance because Bi-Han

  6. I’m pretty sure this is the post it was on

  7. It’s a lot easier to run a red light if you’re not the only one doing it

  8. I play on the Xbox One X if that makes any significant difference

  9. How did I just now realize how destructive and unnecessary this scene was

  10. Oh my god thank you, I’ve been using the gunslinger walking style forever and I always wondered why my character looks like they couldn’t breathe

  11. Do you have any quick tips to level up trader other than just to set the camp in a good spot and grind hunting?

  12. Try hard restarting, it worked for my buddy

  13. That’s a pretty fucking slick trailer I hadn’t seen before!

  14. Really?!? This trailer was what really sold me on this games direction. It’s incredible!

  15. Anyone who does a side dodge attack that's from default and isn't countering anything is retarded

  16. Yeah he was like rep 8 on Orochi too, I’m not sure what he was thinking

  17. Just curious, is there a reason to cc lights instead of parrying or is it just for style? Bc the light parry punish is a bit more damage

  18. I’m in North Carolina and I believe everything is working here

  19. Second question, can you co-op with your friends? Imagine being able you to pick which avanger you want and you friend whichever remains.

  20. I actually didn’t hate how Banner/Hulk looked at all. But I guess he is the easiest to get right(smart looking white guy with anger issues)

  21. If this is regarding the daily, sadly these smoke ones don't seem to count. I rescued the lady trapped by alligators before with this daily and sadly it didn't triger it...

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