1. It’s not even a problem? It just increases their stats. Probably all of them by like 2-3

  2. It is increases their stats, we still don't know how many stats Giratina got, x1.5 or x1.2?

  3. Maybe they want to keep the joke Giratina destroys the reality, or maybe want it to be real idk

  4. So post the source/link and not some random picture with nothing lol.

  5. super unpopular the look awesome and actually look super powerful unlike a lot of legends now. it’s also cool that they represent a super op concept and it makes a cool story and actual lore for pokémon deities and how that world works

  6. Probably not the unpopular opinion, some opposite opinions are just bigger than this

  7. i wasnt saying my comment was an unpopular opinion i was saying his was, forgot the comma

  8. I saw someone say “it’s because they saw how dumb new generation Tiga was” and, no. That’s not it at all. That’s not how production works. When planning a show, it doesn’t after the current show ends. We know from a finical report that TsuPro has Ultraman show plans up to 2028.

  9. now it looks like Cameara is trying to go for that Trigger booty while we're all distracted with smile smile

  10. Good designs ✅ Good story & character development ✅ Good jumscare ✅ Has some deep impressions ✅ Good theme ✅ Good TCG ✅ Cute Satan ✅✅✅ Good gameplay ❌

  11. "Why hate Trigger series? We have these stuff" *proceed to show Carmeara and Trigger mud fight

  12. Trigger Dark, Trigger Truth (eyeliner) and Original X GTE is cool too, probably the best for me but it's just not my type

  13. Where can I find these!?! They look awesome

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