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  1. https://www.theflavorbender.com/sri-lankan-chicken-kottu-roti-koththu/

  2. Meka thama life eka, pata pata dream eka, kawuru monawa kiuwath dan, nawathwanna baa meka….

  3. Maan some are connecting theese to politics. Of course politics is fucked up right now but this is not about politics. People need to stop putting everything on politics smh. Theres a power struggle going on in the underground because of the crisis situation. So they are killing each other. Those are the bodies being found on the shores. The first killings were all witnesses btw. Its not fucking protesters

  4. You forgot that underground is also run by politicians

  5. I did the scan and it repaired corrupted files. Ill install portmaster again and see

  6. Well that Indian dude clearly had mental issues. I wonder why the girl broke up with him.

  7. I cant believe ppl still believe this stupid shit. No wonder its in tiktok too.

  8. How is it convenient? You guys have to charge it and check everytime if your earbud is in your ear. Doesnt happen with wired.

  9. Wired earphones don't last me more than 3 months of heavy use. Wireless earphones on the other hand does. Time spend buying earphones are more worth than a earbud.

  10. 3 months if you buy cheap ones from pettah. Good ones last long.

  11. Oh boi. I hope tbe country wont go to a civil war.That will be worse than afghanistan with all the nukes and shit.

  12. Ex Buddhist here, a lot of my friends are atheists from different backgrounds/religion.

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