1. Does nobody else choose "deeze nutz." Everytime you win combat its like +250 deeze nuts haha

  2. When a province is being colonized, obviously the trade good will show up as "unknown." Now, if the console was used to colonize this province... the icon for the "unknown" trade good will change from the normal question mark icon into the icon of whatever trade good was in the last province you had clicked on. Click on a new province and click back to the colony, and the icon will change again. But after the month tick, it will change to a new permanent trade good and the visual bug will go away.

  3. You needed to activate Evacuation Protocol on the terminal in the directors quarters.

  4. My first EU game in years. I'm surprised at how well some of the AI are doin. 5 badasses in this photo besides me. I guess I do remember this game being mostly about blobbing.

  5. Where have I heard the nation of “Elysium” from?

  6. It means "paradise in the afterlife" in latin so you must have heard from one franchise or another.

  7. R5 my custom little nation is a republic and it's the first time I see the name "Trump", I've seen "Clinton" several times though. (Plus Porto Rico cameo.) Also, it says he has 0 adm skills.......

  8. Just a lil preface: After I did Dunwich Borers, my game glitched and it added a blur effect on everything(kinda creepy tbh). I unfortunately play on survival with some non-building mods so it's permanent. It destroys my eyes, but makes this game really pretty sometimes. Might do a video tour since theres a lotta cozy stuff in that house and the sea sound is simply magnificent.

  9. FYI if you still want to convert to pagan for some reason you have to convert to animist as an intermediarry step then convert to the other pagan faith of your choice.

  10. Oh yeah! I forgot lol Place anywhere No build limit And there's one mod that takes a lot of the vanilla game and makes it buildable. It has all of the streets pre/post war, different concrete foundations, and a bunch of these rocks that I used in this. I wish I could remember the name of it. These are old builds I'm pulling off my Xbox.

  11. To most players when it comes liking a character, story, background, character built count WAY more than stats.

  12. I see those a lot. I never saw them before I downloaded a specific mod pertaining to weapons and legendaries (I forgot what it was called) but I swear those aren’t base game lol. It’s some sort of mod

  13. Could someone be kind enough to drop me a location marker on a map of where this dude spawn?

  14. It's an unmarked location. A ruined building behind coverga, walk along the railroad from Drumlin dinner toward the junkyard with the dead Children of the Atom and molerats

  15. He's a FO3 reference, apparently. I don't remember the Roach King but it's been a very long time since I've played FO3.

  16. I see, he looks very unique so I thought there was something else to him. He's got demon eyes, a gatling laser, a legendary weapon, he's a particularly THIC boy.

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