1. This one isn’t specific to bags themselves, but I hate when online stores don’t show a photo of the bag being worn by a model — you never know from the photos if it’s a huge or a tiny bag. I’m usually bad at figuring out sizes by looking at dimensions only…

  2. Haha I’m guilty of this too. If I really like the bag I’ll go the extra mile and look at the measurements, get my ruler and make an actual cut out to get a feel for the size since visualizing dimensions is not my strength. But that’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s still a fail. 😅

  3. I hate scratchy zippers. I can’t deal with camera bag styles for this reason. If every time I reach into my bag, my hand and whatever I’m putting in or taking out gets scratched by the zipper, I won’t use the bag.

  4. Good points! A luxury bag should be pleasant to the senses. Scratchy bits aren’t pleasant. And I agree with you, chain straps can be too noisy.

  5. Molly is so cringe. Idk why she's so popular on pillow talk. I feel like she and her friend always have weird takes on who is in the wrong when watching the other relationships play out. Just a poor judge of character and poor decision maker. Plus her laughter always sounds like a crow cawing to me.

  6. What type of junk food are we talking about here? Crackers, cookies, and chips, or fast food burgers, chicken nuggets, tacos, and pizza? Because crackers and chips seem pretty safe for me too, but not fast food. Meanwhile raw fruits and veggies, which were favorite foods of mine before all of this, are now a no. But I’ve learned I can cook them and it’s better. I think my ibs just likes things that are easier to digest.

  7. It is end of season. Hopefully within a few weeks they’ll be full of fall season options.

  8. Boiled turkey and rice, since chicken is a no go. Avoid treats and other foods at this point because they could irritate/worsen the diarrhea. Only give small portions at a time. She definitely needs to see a vet and get some medicine. Poor baby, hope she's better soon.

  9. Looks like I'm in the minority here but I'm with op, I saw these and said to my partner, "well, those were certainly a choice."

  10. What a precious trio!! How lucky you are to have two generations under one roof.

  11. She was a CHILD. I can’t believe I am the same age as her. I dated someone 10 years older than me when I was quite young I can’t imagine this age gap.

  12. I remember thinking this all through the first season, how very young she was; just a child really. As I remember it, she comes from an old, well known southern family. She was probably groomed by them with the expectation to land and marry another southern 'blue-blood' or at least a doctor, lawyer, etc. Someone who'd be chivalrous and gentlemanly, a good provider that would reflect well back onto her family. And Thomas absolutely preyed on that. I have a lot of sympathy for Kathryn. She was so young, college aged, probably still forming her own world views and trying to figure out who she was. Thomas took every advantage of her naivety. That selfish schmuck corrupted her, he used her up and spit her out, stole her potential, and the implications of that will overshadow her for the rest of her life. I don't really like who she is now, but I still hold sympathy for her, because I don't think it's entirely her fault.

  13. I believe that's known as a nice, functional off-switch. That's a gem; not all border collies come self equipped with those! Many of us have to train it.

  14. People from Asheville love to lose their minds when something changes from what the city was like 30 years ago.

  15. Housing prices, yep, most certainly. Hell, you can half that and only go back 15 years and I'll take it.

  16. Metal plate hanger. You will probably need to adjust the prongs with a pair of pliers to accommodate the thickness of the piece. If you really want to get fancy, spray paint the hanger with black enamel paint so it blends better to showcase that beautiful piece of art!

  17. Wow he’s smooth. Between that and his amazing emotional intelligence and depth I can see why he gets all the ladies…. /s

  18. Ahahaha! That's brilliant!! I wish I had memorable 'checkmate' moments like that in high school.

  19. Would be curious to see a photo! Moissanite usually does test as a diamond depending on the type of tester used. The best way to know for sure would be to take it to a local jeweler.

  20. It's lovely! Have you noticed any rainbow type sparkles when you have it in the sun?

  21. Squaller. Not what I was expecting but TBH being able to change the weather and perhaps bring in some relief from summer heat sounds pretty good right about now.

  22. Gluten free bread with strawberry jam and fried egg. Sounds a bit silly but it’s enjoyable.

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