1. I'm on the Taiwanese server, I also tried Indonesia server with the same outcome. There are 5 types of tokens you need to collect, but you can only get the first 2 types unless you spend money. I'm not the only one, another Taiwanese player faced the same problem.

  2. Im sure you are triying to convey something, but I dont know what

  3. Yeah mortar spam is noticeable in low infamy, shooters with like 3 or 4 mortars. And flare cannon, frost torp is less infuriating because it is a combo rather than spam. It takes practice and some skill to use.

  4. They are decent but can be pretty annoying when you are playing as a slow ship. And a new shot is fired every second.

  5. Just write in the chat. There are a lot of recruiting guilds.

  6. If they're the same weapon, invest in the rare. It'll be far cheaper and probably stronger than the epic until you get more spares.

  7. From what I've heard, poison darts does more damage while Notik has lower damage but area damage

  8. Angry Birds GO!, Epic, Star Wars 2, Transformers, heck, Angry Birds 1 even

  9. Flicker out of the way, Arctic Orb, Death Sickle, Blade of Eternity, Hercules' Madness...

  10. Arctic wont work, the moment I get out he’s gonna silence u and 🪦

  11. Grant Gustin as The Flash and Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash in CW The Flash, and Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders

  12. in terms of design, how can you compare and contrast those of the current update?

  13. Well this weapon looks more like og version of pixel gun: based on reality and simpler color palette.

  14. Considering the player base is mostly children, pixel gun has to aim for more colorful and less realistic guns. But I like your design just the way it is

  15. "Once again, I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused."

  16. Another thing is that due to work culture in Japan again, no matter if the fault is on you, Japanese people will apologize no matter what.

  17. I hate the Aphrodite crossbow more, if you're very close and all 3 shots hit, it's a one shot. As for ulti, not always a one shot (maybe due to my level 4 mods, I returned to pg3d a week ago).

  18. It's just a Peura rebrand that screwed everyone out of their skins. Bad form by the AoV team.

  19. Just like how the Equipment page has changed: each loadout has its own equipment, arcana, rune, challenger ability. All of my equipment, arcana, and runes are messed up rn. I'm speaking on behalf of the GCS server community which at least 80% of us are very angry at the change

  20. Fisherwoman, (looks like Coord so imma go with that), evil doctor???

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