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  1. You should be able to put them into any NZ Post mailbox if there is no Fastway box available. They have an agreement with NZ Post that the mail will be accepted and delivered.

  2. The Motor Vehicle Register has recorded a vehicle’s “year” differently over time. Check out this link and scroll to the ‘Vehicle year data collection’ section for details:

  3. I don’t mean to appearance shame but this photo looks like the definition of greasy weasel.

  4. Good on him for capitalising on the opportunities he’s been afforded in life. But I can’t help but think for someone with $9m in equity, he could at least afford to buy a shirt that fits him properly, especially when you know you’re going to plastered over national media. He looks a bit like a 12 year old kid wearing his father’s clothes

  5. You’ll need to chase up with the seller. The contract for delivery sits between the seller and the courier

  6. How did the author miss the fact that the old Ministry of Works logo is the shape of hex bolt?

  7. All I can think is how uncomfortable it’s gonna be to have all that sand in his shoes.

  8. I would almost question whether a car company needs to retain your personal details beyond a warranty period ? I wish companies would think more about deleting data that is low value to lower the impact of data breaches .

  9. OP thinks people who choose to drink and drive should be let off with a warning

  10. Cotton wool kids are poorly prepared for the risks of driving as they have little appreciation for pain, or real world risk assessment. Teaching them to focus on their mirrors and speedometers rather than the road ahead is a relatively recent development in driver education. Searching out speed limit signs in the bushes, and several meters behind the curb, also fails encourage a clear headed focus on the road ahead. How can good driver judgement be exercised unless the driver is seeing the road ahead with deliberate focus, and an appreciation for the risk of serious physical pain if their judgement is not up to the task of avoiding accidents. Overseas research I have seen suggests that our speed limits are too low to generate an adequate sense of risk to establish focused attention to the task in hand. This research in Norway and Germany demonstrated increased accident rates at lowered open road dual carriageway speeds, with a minor increase in the death rate at 75kph due to driver inattention. At 115kph limits the accident rate was significantly lower, and the death rate statistically no different than at 100kph. We are applying policy that contradicts the international research, based on the premise that slower must be safer. Neglecting the more critical issue that inattention increases, and accident rates follow. Sure the death rate per accident may lower with reduced speeds but the total death rate does not follow the same curve.

  11. The purpose of the Road to Zero strategy is not necessarily to eliminate crashes from occurring, but rather to reduce the severity of harm (i.e deaths and serious injuries) that is experienced in crashes when they do occur.

  12. Greg Murphy "lets train the idiots to be better drivers"

  13. In my view, he’s lost all credibility as a self proclaimed road safety advocate by demonstrating his complete ignorance of the whole Road to Zero strategy.

  14. I imagine the trial wouldn’t have as much as a hope of success if drivers were simply able to blatantly ignore any of the new rules imposed by it and get away with doing so without fear of penalty.

  15. “My body, my choice!” is now also “Your business, my choice too!”

  16. Depending on the state the car is in, you may also find yourself with a pink or green sticker. Get caught driving while it’s a stickered and that’s a much bigger headache.

  17. Google Maps is now showing Transmission Gully as a road (yesterday it wasn't) - but when asking to drive from Paraparaumu to Wellington CBD it still sends you down the coast road.

  18. Google Maps doesn’t yet show the southbound on and off ramps at the SH58 interchange either. Or the northbound on-ramp at Kenepuru.

  19. Static cameras, that's a bit early 2000's. Roading authorities don't seem to be very good with technology.

  20. The 30 second intervals are only what gets published online for the public to view. The authorities themselves do indeed have live real time feeds. What’s shown online is also only a very small subset of hundreds of cameras monitoring the network.

  21. Please don’t. Not only is it just disrespectful, it encourages wildlife towards the road, which increases the risk of someone swerving to avoid hitting animals on the road and taking themselves or someone else out.

  22. I think they wear them under their chins to catch the all dribble that comes out their mouths

  23. So far we’re already higher than at the same time last year (57 v 55 deaths). It’s also unlikely there’ll be any lockdowns this year, but the impact of fuel costs will be interesting to watch.

  24. I agree that it would be great if all of our roads were able to upgraded or rebuilt, and if you actually read the Road to Zero plan, you’ll see that engineering improvements are included, albeit not to the extent that you would like.

  25. All that additional petrol tax and road user charges! That’ll sure show the gummint!

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