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AITA for telling my friend to stop showing off and speaking languages isn’t the flex she thinks it is?

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A few weeks ago we found a family of 6 living in our backyard (OC)

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  1. 90% of suggestions are plastic or wrapped in plastic. I’ve given out books and little wooden robots I found on eBay before. The robots were great but they did come in packaging that had plastic. I went to a party recently where they all got a little animal made out of wood at the end. Also, all kids like slinkies but the metal ones are so much nicer than those horrid plastic ones that barely make the day.

  2. Wow. There was definitely one massive c*nt in that gym and it wasn’t you.

  3. Kids take over. I used to climb 4-5 times a week. My husband used to go to karate twice a week and go off on karate trips around the world 3-4 times a year. I used to write. My husband drew. Then kids happened. Now I write to do lists and my husband colours in stick figures.

  4. I’ve taken our six year old to volunteer at our charity’s food bank for similar reasons. Also had very frank discussions with her about the environmental cost of new toys and clothes, because she’s started worrying about plastic and trash so it’s something that’s resonated.

  5. Pushing retirement to your late 50s??? Oh the sacrifice! Best throw the orphaned toddler to the wolves then. People may say you’re N T A because you’re not obliged to take the poor little boy who’s lost everything in, but quite honestly you’re a sad excuse for a human being if you do that. If I was your mum I’d never speak with you again. How do people like you even exist?

  6. Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch with Johnny Depp. It’s a black and white movie about a quiet accountant that ends up a wanted outlaw. First time around I thought it was a silly film that tried too hard to be artsy and enigmatic. I hated it so much the first time around I can’t imagine how I happened to watch it again. But then I did and I found it rather haunting. Thinking about it now makes me want to watch it again.

  7. Cut out booze, late nights, high calorie food, stick tubes up your bum every month, pop pills every morning…. Sure you’d live longer, but would it be worth it?

  8. If you don’t have foxes, coyotes or other land predators where you are you’re probably okay. If you do, there’s very little you can do to stop them getting eaten in my experience

  9. You have some nerve complaining. As a woman I’ve not paid less than £50 in years.

  10. You are going to struggle to make nutritious meals on that amount of money for that amount of time. You could try getting

  11. If you’d prefer not to go to a food bank, there are also food co ops that can offer food for a very small amount. At our north London food co op you would be able to get food for 3 pounds that could last you a week. If you want info you can dm me.

  12. I don’t know how people can call this a comedy. Sure it had some hilariously funny moments but it was heart wrenching. I ugly cried in the scene when Colm puts Padraic in the cart and takes him home.

  13. Biscuits. I learned English as a foreign language and that word never came up in a classroom conversation. First time I said it out loud in my first UK job seeing the looks on everyone’s faces made me want to disappear off the face of the earth. Bis-cou-its

  14. Why on earth is it hard on you? It has zero impact on your life but for the fact you’ve chosen to associate with bigots over your brothers. YTA and if I was in their shoes I’d not want to come at all

  15. All the people saying it’s normal to grab your adult sibling by the collar and shove them down the floor… Seek some therapy.

  16. I did 4 fillings on my six year old without sedation and it was absolutely horrible. She was screaming throughout. If I’d been given the option I’d have taken it.

  17. I’m trilingual and regularly forget words in my mother tongue and often have to use English. I also regularly forget myself and speak to my husband in my mother tongue if I’ve been around my family and forget to switch. She’s not showing off, you’re just being insecure. YTA

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