1. Mississippi black towns are less safe than white one...not true. I am white and live in a black town and it is very nice with good neighbors.

  2. NTA my uncle was 2 years older than me. He was at my house when I had my first period. I wanted to go to the drugstore to pick my own stuff. The drugstore also sold milkshakes so I ask him if he want to go. He ask why I was going and I told him. Mom was getting dress and came out to find me explaining the facts of life. Well she pulled me into her bedroom to explain girls don't talk about that stuff with guys. I told her he was older than me and didn't know anything if I didn't tell him he would never know. He went and told the other guys in the family to ask me stuff. A cousin who's mom had a fibroid thought his mom was dieing with cancer. I explained the problem and he explained to his dad. Yea, the men in my family didn't know shit until I came a long. You are so good a dad but please be as good to your son. Show him the film too.

  3. I only want to add it's odd that OP when this upset ran home to her mom. Her fiancée has not seen his sister (who behaved as his mom) for 5 years.

  4. You have ever right to risk your free home by lieing. The worse thing is you become homeless too and that's your choice. But how do you justify causing a problem with your other daughters marriage. You have her lieing to her husband. What if he divorce her over this. This is going to end badly and it's going to be your fault. YTA

  5. YTA and this is your father's fault. He wanted a divorce and he got a divorce. Your brother is a child who had to make an adult choice between keeping a secret (by not saying anything) for his father to betray his mother or tell his mother and betray his father. By not saying anything and staying out of it he would have been taking his father's side. You are angry at you brother for not being your father's pawn.

  6. This nothing new I remember my grandfather talking about cops beating people to death and I'm 66f. The only thing new is video recording it.

  7. I am an American who loves doing my family tree. I did the dna thing too. An I have 30 percent Scottish according to it as my largest percent. I am an American I don't care if it had been 100 percent. Some part of my family has been here since the 1700. I don't understand this OP either.

  8. Because all religions are based in the past. Virginity was important because of the need to know who the father was for inheritance. You did not want to leave the family money and land to a child who was not yours. Now we have dna test to prove that. Now it is because of the power of religions leaders who hold and control the men in the religions want to hold over woman to control them. This is true of Christianity too.

  9. The way I did it was to move and start over. I am very happy now.

  10. Well if she is not talking she can not ask you to do something when you come in. Other than that YTA. You should have sit down and talked to her and not when you got home but like after dinner and you both are feeling okay and not stressed. Then sat a time out for when you get home say 20 minutes to sit down and destress.

  11. I don't think he's cheating. You can find all kind of stuff in a used car. It has so many nooks for things to get stuck in and juggle loose. I think what you have is a sweet man 2ho thinks that someone who lost the ring might want it back because it is important to them. A dead wife's ring or something like that. Give him a 🫂.

  12. O NEG is not that rare my mom had it as does at lest one aunt I know of. Either you have the wrong blood type listed or this a bait.

  13. The house would be in my name but i do not want or need it, i would much rather own something here where i live. It would be significantly cheaper in my home country and I understand when they say it would be for my benefit but i sincerely don t know what to do

  14. Have the penchant go to a bank account in your name only. That money is from your dad to you. Your mom lost any rights to it when she married your step father.

  15. I am the worse at these sorta stuff. So a friend told me to keep it in my mind and keep it simple. If the top is loose the bottom should be tight and if the bottom is loose the top should be tight. Hope that helps you as much as it has helped me.

  16. Starting the pool on how long the new marriage lasts

  17. mother teresa, she was not perfect but she did a lot of good

  18. Mary Calmes Change Of Hearts is shifter series is all about one couple. The main character has long hair and is of Asian decent. I really enjoy the diversity of races and side characters.

  19. Doubt the actually waiters are getting that

  20. Yes, if it is for them I can just hand them the money and by pass the middle man.

  21. NTA if you need the money to pay for college. Yes, you are young and normal adults think the most important thing is what they tell you to do...cleaning. But if you are doing adult paying jobs the adults in your life should make allowances.

  22. It is not going to happen. And nobody should be trying to make it happen. For a human to go to Mars is a death sentence. They will be in a situation where they are 100% reliant on goods shipped from the Earth to Mars. If ever anything were to happen in that supply chain, say a supply rocket was to blow up on the launchpad(which you already know is going to happen eventually) all the people on Mars starve to death. And so much else can go wrong, it is not easy; it is very complicated, everything must be perfect.

  23. Okay, Mars has water I saw photo of ice. Water is h2o. The o is oxygen. So we can breath. Mars has soil and water. So we can grow food. Do we need scientific knowledge to do these things yes. But to say it's impossible is wrong.

  24. NTA. You’re already a single mom. It will get easier once you can get child support.

  25. NTA and you are a single mom. You will feel better when you get the oldest child out of your house...the so called husband.

  26. YTA and your wife had no business asking your son for a mother son dance. Has she always been this pushy with him? I bet that's why he went to live with his aunt as a teen. His aunt is his mom's sister, the closest he can get to his mom. Of course he would pick her and not the pushing stepmom.

  27. How to do taxes. How to budget. How to save money.

  28. Lady I have a photo of my grandmother setting in my uncles lap and he is 56. I have a photo of him setting in her lap too. I didn't know there was an age limit between parents and kids. Must be a cultural thing. I feel sorry for your daughter.

  29. 66f and I am glad I didn't ever get baby fever.

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