1. Just make sure you’re lining it up regularly, keeping it neat and all that. Also in the reflection that small section right in front of your ear, I recommend straightening that up, you won’t be able to see it but everyone else will :)).

  2. My buddy had a Cherokee that was missing the J so it was effectively called the eep

  3. My aunt got a yellow Jeep and the J was also gone. Thus creating the YEEP (yellow Jeep). I even got her a Y to put on the car to make it official.

  4. 5 minutes into a match and running into a full red squad is basically psychological horror

  5. If I have anything less that purple and shoot at a squad with red. I’m just running bro, I’ve already lost the fight in my mind. I’m outta there

  6. I know the car is better or at least from my experience. But over all I am wayyy better with the R9

  7. Funny thing is, everyone leaves the Phoenix kit in my matches

  8. I always do it just takes too long for arenas imo

  9. My favorite is any time you step back to fix yourself; you are getting yelled at for not shooting.

  10. Seriously. I was .2 seconds into a cell.. A CELL. And my teammate just starts losing his shit 😂

  11. You make a valid point. An argument could be made where if you find a Sentinel first, that can hold some attachments in place of the Longbow.

  12. Are we saying people prefer the longbow over the sentinel?

  13. I'm not saying that. Having extended sniper magazines in ground loot only benefits one ground loot sniper at the moment, the Sentinel. Maybe Respawn looked at the data of how many people chose snipers, and decided to put the Longbow in the Replicator and keep the Sentinel and Charge Rifle in ground loot. Who knows.

  14. Literally just got off because of this. Fought two teams and won and he was the 5th party scavenger :(

  15. Ahhh so that's why the shotgun guys in borderlands are called bruiser

  16. You have nice skin, eyebrows and hair. Only thing I can think of is just confidence. Take a deep breath bringing your shoulders to your ears, roll your shoulders back like you’re trying to make them clap behind you, bring the shoulders down from your ears and breathe out. A little trick I practice, might be placebo but it lessens my anxiety and makes me look/feel more confident thus seeming more attractive! Hope this helps!

  17. My stoner ass thought this was some crazy weed…

  18. Just play a little slower homie, In gold you have plenty of time to think about rotations and putting yourself in the best position to win a fight. Focus high ground of course but if that’s not possible get out of the fight or put pressure on the team that has the dominant position. From my experience most gold players are scared to fight so if you come at them aggressively they will panic and it’s an easy 2v1 or 1v1

  19. This isn’t even a video game thing..... what do you think is going to happen when you’re moving and shooting a gun?

  20. Especially on a fucking zip line😂😂 those bullets are gonna mooooovvvveeee

  21. I literally hipfired an entire purple sheild without missing a shot I really don't know what people be talking about.

  22. You swap spit so what's the difference? It's not like it's a common occurance. We have shared a couple times under the circumstances mentioned.

  23. Yeah but I’m not flossing your teeth with my tongue. You picking up what I’m putting down?

  24. Nah I’m good. I’ll finger brush until I can get one in the morning.

  25. Little swish of Listerine goes a long way in times like this 😂

  26. She be eating her rat low key. That’s like 4 phoenix kits

  27. Honestly they all work for you, however I suggest doing whatever in this world makes you feel most attractive or comfortable and to hell with what others think. That said, you got some beautiful hair friend, and I think you might be a little sad to chop off all that length you got. Because it’s seems like you wear it with tons of pride! :)

  28. Revenant! It never fails I get a new rev player or one without a mic. I love the totem and totem pushes but these people always throw them down mid fight after I have already cracked two, now I’m running away to heal while they revive because my teammates are too concerned with running back to hit the ult…

  29. Open area sure, but buildings are where she shines. She can move from floor to floor in barely a second

  30. Seriously. Even just doing a small boost over their head and strafing the opposite direction they are turning the hit you is a cheat code. I use this nearly every fight with so much success. It’s super easy, effective, and generally low risk

  31. I’ve heard fuse is a lot of fun. I personally have a lot of fun on valk too

  32. Just two bang ultra in different direction for final circle. Shiiii no one is safe

  33. 😹😹😹😹we thrive in the chaos

  34. Something about knowing that I am the best player on the team and not being that good myself makes me play so much better so yeah. I do be thriving in the chaos lmao

  35. They aren't touching you're stuck with bang

  36. Bad news bears my friend. If you’re busting your ass at work and want to come home and nap then you do you girl. And it should be that way across the board. You both have to understand that mental and physical burnout happen and sleep is essential to getting back to peak levels. If my girlfriend worked like that you best believe if she’s tired I’m letting her sleep, getting her a coffee for when she wakes up and making sure she is as comfortable as can be while she is sleeping. If he cares about you then he will care more about your health as opposed to his selfish needs.

  37. Why though? I get that its super relaxing to run games where people don't put up much of a fight, but there's plenty of PvE shooters or hoard shooters out there that have very relaxing modes.

  38. I don’t use it but a friend of mine uses his alt account for warmups, just run a few games essentially against bots and that way you’re shooting straight, in the right mindset, and at the end of the day your ego will grow which typically makes you play a little more risky which leads to some crazy clips and big wins

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