1. You might reach out to Scraps KC to see if this is something they would accept.

  2. As of 2 months ago this was indeed something they accepted. But check with them first as needs and what they are overwhelmed with change. And they are also closed until mid January.

  3. Going through my old comic books as an adult, the one thing I noticed was that there was one comic book series that had no ads back when they all had ads (no x-ray vision glasses, sea monkeys, whatever). And it was... GI Joe. I never researched to verify the reason why, but seems kinda obvious

  4. Almost correct. For GI Joe and many other shows and comics of the era toy sales were the product and shows and spinoff products were the promotion.

  5. All fine and dandy until you hit a yellow and have to decide whether to go for it, hoping the oncoming car doesn't blow through theirs.

  6. This is what we call an Iowa left in our house because that's where we first encountered it. Every light in Des Moines was like the ones on Mass, never protected. The only way to turn left was for you to sit in the center of the intersection, wait for yellow, wait for the 2 or 3 cars that would still go on yellow, wait for the 2 cars that would go on red, and then it was your turn to turn left.

  7. Nothing at Hawaiian Brothers has dairy in it. All the ingredients in the entire restaurant are dairy free, but they can't guarantee that some of the ingredients weren't made in a facility that also processes dairy products.

  8. I live at 23rd and Harper and today realized the Eudora Wendy's is faster than the 23rd Street Wendy's. I never want to leave my home.

  9. I always wondered about this because there is a 5.95 fee for 100 dollar gift cards. Doing the math, at 4x fuel points it only starts saving you money when you’re filling up more than around 15 gallons. 2x is apparently the normal reward on gift cards and 4x is during events or promotions like Father’s Day. At 2x you only save when filling up around 30 gallons or more. If you have a car with a large enough fuel tank it looks like you could save some money with this method. Let me know if I did the math wrong. Edit: I just thought of this: since you get 1 fuel point for every dollar you spend and say you spend all 100 dollars on the gift card back at Dillion’s buying groceries, that could earn you 100 extra fuel points getting you another 10 cents off per gallon. That would change the math to around 12 gallons being profitable for 4x fuel points, and 19 gallons for 2x fuel points. All of this isn’t bringing in taxes which do not give you fuel points. Or the fact that certain groceries like alcohol don’t earn fuel points.

  10. Or the fact that Kwik Shop (it's not KwikTrip) is always a few cents higher gas than the 3 stations right by it and I don't see why people love these fuel points and playing games. But I shop Aldi and Checkers. If it weren't for Kroger brand soda I'd have no reason to go to Dillons. And since it's never in stock right now I might just have to give up on them and find a new vice.

  11. I just use dollar store cutting boards. And, put a gallon of distilled water on top for added pressure (I use distilled water in my iron because it calls for it).

  12. Yep. You can also grab a stack of magazines off the shelf and keep layering a block between each one. Then they can just sit there until cool and you're done pressing.

  13. I think most users here quilt by machine. Does she have a sewing machine already? Depending on what she has and the size, there’s different ways to go about quilting by machine. Some are universal: all she needs is a machine that can do a straight stitch in order to piece the blocks together. If she wants to do straight-stitch quilting, then that machine will work great.

  14. A great book to check out at the library is Walk by Jacquie Gerring. It's wonderful for teaching walking foot quilting on a domestic machine. I find it much easier than stitch in the ditch quilting which being off is so noticeable and I like the look better than free motion quilting.

  15. And there is a bin for Just Food in the library lobby and it says egg cartons accepted on the sign.

  16. Everyone seems to have forgotten Stitch On! needlework downtown, they have embroidery stuff!

  17. Stitch On is great but no longer located downtown. They moved outside city limits and will give you the adddess after you set up an appointment to come see them.

  18. Thanks for letting me know! When did that happen?

  19. I dunno, because East Lawrence schools are constantly targeted for being shut down first? Our kids are shuffled around like playing cards, while our centers of community are destroyed one by one? Three generations of my family have lived in East Lawrence, and we've had to fight the entire time to get our kids the help they need, and to keep our schools open.

  20. The infrastructure thing feels true. They spent years redoing curbs and gutters headed east down 23rd. Took about 2 years just out front of McDonald's, Checker's at Louisiana nightmare. Got to the bridge about Barker packed up the cones and went home. East of Haskell on 23rd still doesn't have storm gutters.

  21. Close but not quite. Good enough for a refund estimate calculator. Last paystub is year to date and W2 is what was money issued during the calendar year. Can be about 6 or so days off sometumes depending on period end date, chexk issue date, and day of the week the 1st and 31st land.

  22. Worst overall is probably Wakarusa and Overland as others have mentioned, but my personal least favorite has to be 23rd and Haskell, solely because the light doesn't go flashing yellow to turn left from 23rd, but does from Haskell. I can't tell you how many goddamn times I've sat in that left turn lane with the red arrow when absolutely nobody was coming.

  23. Yah, no idea why they don't left turn yield the 23rd and Haskell or 23rd and Harper. Those are the only 2 without it. About 3 minutes of travel time to stuff down at 31st is added waiting to left south at that light for us over here east side.

  24. Yep, I said out load while watching: she's either in on it or the writers did a very bad job writing her character development to have a change of heart that quickly.

  25. It's not a bonus check . . . it's a Menards gift certificate. So, they technically get it all back . . .

  26. They do, your check speed is also measured when the customer is paying, so if they take forever to pay and you're already done checking, it'll still affect the average. Iirc, they require 100 scans/minute average. I can check to make sure.

  27. Ohhhh, so that must be why the Aldi cashier always says "you can go ahead and insert your card" while I'm standing by the reader, card in hand, waiting for my total while they are still scannig and throwing it all in a cart.

  28. shorthand for pound. Candy by the pound, boiii

  29. Gotcha I always saw it as lowercase and together. Thought it was some sort of magical Halloween thing you put candy by. Like I've said in this thread pretty naive about Haloween traditions.

  30. Not a silly question like some are saying. I remember my confusion when living in Des Moines for a while that the kids do not go out on Halloween. They go out on Begger's Night which is October 30. They started as soon as school gets out too, so by 4pm. I think their logic was that Halloween itself was for adults, parties, drinking, and drunk driving accidents. I really don't know the logic. I didn't get to trick or treat as a kid so I was learning all the things right along with living in a new state.

  31. As someone who lives on Mass and is about to have a newborn, just tell me where to sign or what to do to support something like this and I'll do it immediately.

  32. I don't live on Mass but just the other day I was complaining to partner about just how much loader traffic seams outside our apartment over the past 18 months or so compared to the past 7 years of living here. People rev after that intersection. I even got passed on my way home the other day, residential street, I was going 30 just so the asshole could come to a stoplight and wait while everyone caught up. And this wasn't the normal tailgating then passing while I make my turn into complex that happens ALL THE TIME, no this was a full passing while driving down street.

  33. So if the law gets around a court challenge by removing state officials from the lawsuit equation, could a lawsuit be filed against the governor for signing the law? Or filed against the writers or sponsors of the bill?

  34. Yep 14 years of 15% plus managers bonuses love getting that 23k in February and march

  35. And then more in February or March when the IRS gives back all the witholdings from the previous year's IPS and manager's bonus. I love February and March, but getting like a third of your annual money in 2 months has taken getting used to for family budgeting.

  36. Ah well that's good I don't wanna drive all the way across the city just to get a sub

  37. What does that mean "all the way across town"? From that closed one you could go south to the one near Target, east to the one near Set Em Up Jacks, or further away up north to 6th Street or west down Bob Billings (which is a fast not many lights street) toward Wak

  38. Probably because there’s like seven other subways.

  39. This right here- because when I saw the question I thought "which one" because I can think of 2 different ones on 23rd Street alone.

  40. That last part… Lawrence had a year and a half to get their roads right and didn’t do a damn thing

  41. Exactly. Nobody was on the roads for months, yet jack shit was done.

  42. School started this past week (KU, Haskell, and public) and Haskell Street was closed and 2 different places on 23rd had a lane closed in eastern Lawrence but all the time without school in session- nope no construction.

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