1. Looking for a .357/.38 spec lever that is of good quality (fit and finish) and sub $1000

  2. How do you like that A5 action? I just installed that stock on my GPR and put in an A5 myself. I just did a 100 round function test to get t he sights on paper and it work flawless and felt great.

  3. Nearly as smooth as a rifle buffer and spring. I've used it on another build and liked it there too. Really cant go wrong with it.

  4. Wait guys, the msm said explicitly that this WASNT happening in schools. They wouldnt lie to us..... would they🥺

  5. This whole sub is full of very confused or very dumb people.

  6. Yeah it wont be anything new, only this time they wont be doing it to a stranger for money to fuel their heroine addiction.

  7. Whiskey grass (assuming you're talking about the tall, dried stalks).

  8. I use an app called “picture this” and if you take a pic of the plant it tells you what it is! Some think it cost, it doesn’t but you have to x out of the pay version from time to time! I know that doesn’t answer this question but it will help on your next adventure.

  9. Bruh has a M60, surely they can afford a sbr tax stamp lol. Really the only config a tommy should be imo

  10. I haven't looked at Transferable prices in a while.... I can't believe an Uzi is 20k now. I should have bought in 20 years ago when my friends did. Even an MP5 is 40 to 60k.

  11. I know, its disgusting. Those prices would be fractioned if we used this one simple trick that the atf hates.

  12. Please stay where you are, the last empty spot was just filled by someone from ohio and were all full now.

  13. It was a concept proposed by usmc. Never actually put into practice by the force.

  14. bro. I like this a lot. I would go with an eotech and a magnifier. I really dig that build.

  15. I already had an eotech on it, i liked it a lot but im looking for something, different.

  16. After crawling through the metro in the game, i cannot describe to you the feeling i got when i actually went to the L'effant plaza metro in DC. Spectacular work on bethesda's part.

  17. you can also check out the asian grocery stores around town. i have found them in the frozen sections and they crisp up real nice in the air fryer!

  18. Ive never had a fee exceed $25 or be less than $15. It depends whos doing the transfer and how busy they are

  19. I’ve already been to Andale killed the cannibals there and got rid of Tenpenny quite easily next I’ll do point lookout

  20. Nice. If you're on very hard or hard difficulty, i recommend getting it on with it earlier rather than later. Some of the enemies can get ungodly tanky at higher levels on higher difficulties

  21. Looks like a standard polymer G3 Slimline handguard with a pic rail mounted(screwed) into the bottom

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