1. The close-my-eyes-and-lift-my-hands-from-the-keyboard-and-ball-them-into-fists-while-breathing-real-deep kind of rage quitter

  2. No joke, someone took the plate from the microwave at work and I am sitting here eating lunch with cold spots in it. Truly a mild inconvenience but funny that I saw this post.

  3. A friend of mine once microwaved something without the plate. Sent a deathray through his food and burned a hole through it…

  4. Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a chicken, they're just going to knock off all the pieces, shit on the board, and call themselves the winner

  5. Well I would check if you are on krak.dk. For some fckn reason all your details go up instantly you move to the country, with name, phone number and address. Its very crazy, you need to make an account and delete yourself…

  6. Indtil man søger efter det nummer der lige ringede som man ikke kender. Så er der intet.

  7. I either feel like I’m 15 or 50. I do act like an old person sometimes. I’m actually 19 though.

  8. I need to know more, boring my ass. Why does he consume so much? Is the tryptophan to balance out his coke addiction? Is it deli turkey? Ground turkey? THANKSGIVING TURKEY?!? TELL ME WHY

  9. Personally I’m not a fan of modern/abstract art. I prefer it to be pleasing to the eye and show a clear beautifully rendered subject. But that’s the beauty of art, any kind of art, it’s diverse and there is something for everyone, for every taste. Not every piece hits every group of people, that’s not the point.

  10. This is my original character. He is an NPC for campaign coming up. But maybe you can help redress him without the fancy Trench coat. And gun lol.

  11. Thank you for the advice, I’ll keep that in mind for next time :)

  12. Salted caramel. I don’t get it, I wouldn’t have my desserts and sweets tasting like salt. Sweet caramel is really good though.

  13. I’m not a fan, it tastes to buttery for my taste. I definitely prefer milk chocolate. I do, however, use white in my inside out chocolate chip cookies which is delicious.

  14. Eyyy, not great, super stressed, a little anxious with a pinch of depression. But I’m past the break so it can only get better from here right? I’m cautiously optimistic, I’ve gotten through it before so I guess I’ll be fine.

  15. I’m going to stay. I live in Denmark and we are doing pretty well when it comes to healthcare, school systems, peace and such. And I do enjoy the food and the abundance of baked goods very much. Aaand I’m not a big fan of huge changes.

  16. My ninja would jump on those metal railings conjure a board and just slide on them until it ended and then continue to run and vault over those pegs along the road

  17. Huh, you turned out alright, all things considered

  18. When being with that person started feeling like home. The safest and happiest place I could possibly be. Just thinking of him makes me smile and want to be a better person.

  19. I wash before I wear. A lot of people don't realize there is leftover residues from manufacture or treatments to the fabric. If nothing else, the dye can rub off on you and your other clothing. I've had that happen before. It's not a 'germ' thing for me personally.

  20. Same, and if you’re thrifting the clothes are usually heavily perfumed so a wash first will get rid of that.

  21. Paint things and animals on them or write words. Throw them in a bag and pull three out then have players come up with a story based on those three caps. Could be an interesting party game if you and your friends/family/children like story telling. Or maybe act out the thing and have the others guess what.

  22. You could paint little things on them, hot glue a magnet inside and use them af fridge magnets. Fun craft for children too

  23. Still a little sick. I’m burning out and stressed, barely keeping everything together. But at least my week off work starts today, so hopefully I can pick up some of the pieces.

  24. Hey we all get burnt out sometimes, but I'm glad you've got some time for yourself. I hope you feel better, and know if nothing else you've got one random internet person rooting for you

  25. Thank you kind stranger :) Luckily I’ve got great and supportive people around me, and I’ve been through worse. Doesn’t make it any less hard though.

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