1. Play the 10 hour EA Play Trial and see if you like it. Personally I think Heat is the better game but I have to respect the improvements and unique art style of Unbound.

  2. Rydell, are you here in this subreddit? please drop a message :)

  3. facts i really want to see Speed in this next charity match he's so entertaining, love his energy regardless of the weird things he does like the barking.

  4. Wow graphics look a little bit better but it still looks kinda ugly with that piss filter

  5. Pray to fuckin god that Criterion bring back the Chameleon/RenderWare engine someday. MW2012 handling was pretty good aside from B2D if you play the game with a mod that removed the steering input lag. Dare I say it felt better than Heat and Unbound lmfao.

  6. The engine isn't the problem, NFS rivals ran on frostbite engine and the handling is pretty much identical to MW2012, handling mods for Heat prove that it's the developers incompetence of actually making a good handling model.

  7. yeah lol, a year later from defective edition and I call new claude as "defective" claude

  8. fun fact about this game I read somewhere was that Bugbear made it (creators of the FlatOut series), this game was supposed to be called something else but it only last minute they really slapped on that Ridge Racer name tag in hopes of getting more sales because of the Ridge Racer name.

  9. facts, they just aren't good enough it just seems like they rubberband and get lots of speed but they end up crashing into walls all the time.

  10. Rivals, the game had heat level 10 and cops are scary aggressive they want to kill you

  11. Same played it on the ps2, was my fav NFS has 100s of hours in MW ps2 but once I got this, never toucher MW again, never understood the hate.

  12. its because the ps2 version atleast in my opinion is more fun than the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 versions, it has better driving feel...

  13. yes this must be appealing to their new 12 year old young audiences

  14. forget my previous comment, high stakes actually has good sense of speed - the problem with my game was running in the wrong resolution so it didn't feel fast. once I ran in full resolution 1080p the game felt a lot faster.

  15. Tomorrow? Please im as desperate as you but dont be making claims u dont have the evidence for

  16. Looks like the trailers for SH2 Remake or Silent Hill F won't drop tommorow, celina is probably going to Osaka to record the new Silent hill transmission

  17. Yeah I got the Palace Edition on Steam for 70% off, for a 6 month old game that’s kind of sad. Still enjoying it but I’ve heard people complaining of a lack of post story content in the single player. That would have been nice to have.

  18. I would have bought the game on sale too ... if it had some sort of New Game+ that would actually convince me to replay the game again with the perks of having my previous cars and cash from the last playthrough. Scale up the difficulty too for that challenge (both racers and cops)

  19. Gritty/serious isn't hip hop culture? Lmao you vultures are delusional.

  20. I should have been clearer, I meant that they shouldn't use the hip hop culture as represented in Unbound which is too lighthearted, rather I want them to focus on a serious gritty direction it can be using hip hop culture again or maybe the theme that Heat or 2015 used

  21. Honestly,i am not totally against the idea of a Until Dawn-ish Silent Hill (Siluntil Dawn lawl) but putting multiplayer in it makes me doubt. Like this is not necessary and,by knowing how Internet is, people will probably try to break the game.

  22. it's not even a game really, it's just some miniseries that will only air once. stream chat decides the events that take place and that forms the canon of Silent Hill Ascension.

  23. Hmm, I made a post, it vanished... I hope I don't end up with a double post..

  24. Hey, sorry for replying to a 9 year old comment and I don't know if you're alive or not.. I watched this film for the first time last year, knowing absolutely nothing about it and it was phenomenal.

  25. I played the ps2 version so I don't know if the camera is moded or if it's a pc thing (or if it's just in the options and I never saw it

  26. It's modded, Zollika1351 is using his GTA San Andreas Car Camera feature which you can find in the Zollika ZMenu trainer

  27. plot: darius hosts a stacked deck 100 man battle royale, winner gets to race darius at the canyons and take over palmont city

  28. I'm a Nitro enjoyer and think it's a really fun game with an underrated soundtrack! but i think the turn off for most people is the wacky car models which look like cartoon / hot wheels cars and the game itself plays like Asphalt with a few NFS elements.

  29. He really got everyone’s hopes up just for it to be a new trailer for Ascension, arguably the least interesting project coming out of the SH revival…

  30. yea i watched the trailer and didn't even really get any silent hill vibes at all. Definitely not interested at all since it's not a real game, seems like it's just a filler project to get silent hill more exposure

  31. not silent hill. at all. but i will certainly play it (is it even a damn game? or it's an online webseries? damn)

  32. It's not a game, it's just a miniseries that will only air once and the stream chat decides what happens in the story essentially forming the main canon of Silent Hill Ascension (by the fans)

  33. I don’t get a single Silent Hill vibe from the trailer. I’m not just saying that.

  34. Same, not really interested in Silent Hill Ascension with its concept. graphics also literally look like an early Xbox One title

  35. Movie announcement. Chris Pratt leading as James. Jack Black in the co-lead as Maria. Benedict Cumberbach in a fatsuit as Eddy. Source: DuskGolems mom

  36. jack black as pyramid head where he sings about Maria and wanting to marry her

  37. You could emulate the gran turismo games. NFS Porsche Unleashed felt like a Gran Turismo game with porsches only. It's not really hardcore but it's feels simulation-like and can be challenging

  38. Yeah the soundtrack is a masterpiece, like if you ever played SH2 with all music off it's just really weird, like you're missing half the experience

  39. Completely agree. It's not only my favorite SH soundtrack, but also one of the best game soundtracks ever made in general. I know Yamaoka is doing the SH2 remake soundtrack, but I just don't know how he can possibly recapture what made the original soundtrack so iconic, which is why I hope they give you the option to use the original instead.

  40. Wasn't there an interview with IGN where it was said that the SH2 Remake is just going to use the original soundtrack anyway?

  41. Don’t underestimate the crew 1’s story

  42. probably gonna get downvoted but I really want to see a Most Wanted 2. Carbon was only a sequel in terms of narrative to Most Wanted but the game itself wasn't and we all know NFS MW 2012 is barely related to Most Wanted at all.

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