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  1. I live in South Dakota, and can tell you that this is just the tip of the shitberg with this bitch. She also overturned a marijuana bill that had a 70 percent approval rating by her constituents

  2. Chuck Norris only masturbates to pictures of Chuck Norris

  3. A little late, but the Maxx was a comic book and and on a show on liquid television which was aired on MTV. Think adult swim before adult swim

  4. It's The Maxx! Miss this shit, where's the Aeon Flux?;

  5. Came here to say this, want to like your comment, but you have 666 likes right now!

  6. Not saying "bless you" or " god bless you" when someone sneezes. The person that sneezed should say excuse me at most, and that's about it.

  7. I had a colonoscopy in May 2021, and after the prior year, I was telling everyone I was looking forward to that nice propofol nap.

  8. Shake me down by cage the elephant always gets me, add in the video too and I will definitely need a couple of minutes to get myself together

  9. Doesn't look like politics, it looks like a load of bullshit.

  10. Sounds like you dont know what you're talking about.

  11. No I'm pretty sure I know some bullshit when I see it, have fun in fantasy land

  12. My wife, she doesn't approve of me dating, she's a real hard ass that way.

  13. You get a lot of midwest nice that covers up the real feelings. There aren't many people of color in some areas, so sometimes it doesn't come up (doesn't mean it isn't there). Systems definitely are racist. The government is completely insane. And a lot of people are so conservative that anyone who is different isn't welcomed, whether it is direct or indirectly shown. There is a clear disdain for the Native Tribes in some areas.

  14. Politically is going to be really hard, but that can start to change on a social level. I know it's hard to deal with the shit that happens here but we need more people willing to help change things here instead of writing the state off as a loss. There are good people here and there are reasons to fight for a better South Dakota.

  15. As a teenager in the 80s, I set up what I thought was a romantic scene on our farm. Parked my car in our alfalfa field, laid a blanket out on the ground, put a romantic mix tape in the car stereo. She liked it, we had a pretty intense make out session and then we started fucking with me on top. When we were about to climax a grasshopper landed on my butt.

  16. Claimed my free award just to give it to you for this story

  17. Don't even need to read the rest of the comments.

  18. That my state gives absolutely no fucks about the pandemic. This is not a brag, it sucks pretty bad.

  19. Add in a little bit of ugly crying and that sounds about right.

  20. I never thought I would die like this, But I've always really hoped.

  21. Fuck, I had a hat that said keep calm and party.....so dumb

  22. Do you not still get people shouting at you? I’ve toned down my look massively since I was a teen, but even in my late 20s I still get a random chav screaming at least once a year. Hell, last time I popped to the co-op for washing powder a bloke started making the sign of the cross at me.

  23. Honestly I don't give a s**t anymore, I wear what I want when I want somedays it's full gothic look other days it might be a bit of a bohemian look or I might be in a geeky t-shirt with yoga pants, and if they do shout anything I normally reply back Hail Saten/Lucifer 🤣 I took my eldest to Afflecks in Manchester the other weekend and she loved it, she's going down the more gothic emo route at the moment too she's just turned 14.

  24. I have a shirt that has a pic of Jesus being punched in the face that says Christ Punchers on it, and I absolutely revel in the looks I get because of it

  25. That sucks that that happens, but I have to say that the signing the cross one is so ridiculous that it's quite funny. I live in the Midwest in America and there are so many religious, for lack of a better word, zealots that it is almost suffocating at times.

  26. The wedding photographer we had just got arrested for impersonating a cop Apparently he approached some lady outside of her apartment and started asking her a bunch of weird questions. She asked to see his badge and eventually called the real police. He ran away but was pulled over. He had a "police" vest and hat, along with a loaded handgun.

  27. We are all made of Star dust, but then again, garbage is also so......

  28. Check out the almost all of the politicians in South Dakota right now and you will find this is just the tip of the shitberg.

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