I fucking hate dolphins so much.

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  1. You answered a question, like, if she was making a joke she should of used punctuation or an emoji or something.

  2. Literally just write on a piece of paper that you are dropping off the list, sign and date it and you are good.

  3. I’ve been struggling with this hard, so I just ply Tony Hawk for 20 minutes and turn it off.

  4. It hasn’t been cheap since before COVID, Vegas has actually been on “most expensive” lists the last year or so.

  5. I recall it being kind of a breath of fresh air at the time.

  6. You sound like an angry 12 year old, but feel free to hate me.

  7. Hopefully you can't, because that shit is gross and other people shouldn't have to breath that trash in.

  8. Scan it "No Access/BC" and move on, no worries.

  9. That's insane to me, my class had people in ripped sweat pants.

  10. Hello and welcome to the community! Anime and Games are also interests of mine!

  11. Welcome to America! As a Canadian living here, I promise that not everyone here is the piece of shit you see on TV and I hope you have fun and enjoy living here.

  12. Pretty much all forms of packages have tracking numbers on them.

  13. I can't imagine traveling anywhere and eating at chain restaurants, but you do you.

  14. FWIW I'm from Canada, so I don't have access to these same chain restaurants. Also, I don't see the harm. Everyone has different priorities - for a short/first trip to Vegas, eating at fancy restaurants was not on the list.

  15. Being from Canada actually makes a HUGE difference, I'm a Canadian living in Las Vegas. Hell, when I got back home I still need to taste Swiss Chalet, Smoke's Poutinerie, and Tim's.

  16. Real bad in Las Vegas right now, I caught someone jacking my neighbors a few months ago.

  17. Even though that Batman Beyond game is terrible, I also want a physical copy haha

  18. Only did it twice, both of which happened in my first 2 months.

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