1. One of the unpaid DUB PR guys in the basement is already doing Kenny vs Golgberg fantasy booking. 🤣

  2. For real, it’s hilarious to see their momentary turnaround from years of sympathy for Bret with FTR bald and blaming Goldberg for the injuries he inflicted on Bret.

  3. Last year they had 993,000 viewers and 0.38. No wonder the Basement doesn't post YoY any more.

  4. If this decline continues, their mods will ban all ratings posts there at all lol

  5. Basement : ofc he’s a kid, are you blind?! everybody calm the fuck down & don’t make the drama out of it!!!

  6. They’re overreact as if Brock won the Royal Rumble and used the challenge directly to Omos. ffs

  7. Why isn't Tony making Saraya and Toni feud with Jade Cargill since she's doing nothing but meanigess squash matches?

  8. The question that needs to be asked to "journalists" like Sapp: if a source gives you incorrect info, do you keep using them as a source? I bet you the honest answer would be "yes." They only have a handful of people that are willing to talk to them in any given promotion, but they can say "a source" told them X is true to cover their asses even if that person has been completely wrong in the past.

  9. Ngl that was genuinely one of the horrendous dynamite episode in their history. Crowds are dead 2 hours straight, few good things but mostly fell flat. I felt like just watched a 2 hour Rampage or a glorified Dark episode.

  10. This aligns well with Scott Hall's comparison of WCW and WWE a few years ago.

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