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  1. I would add a matted pet fee of $20 so $90 in total to do a careful strip down all over. Our small dogs average $70 for a groom. I would charge by the hour if I was given the liberty to do so but we have price ranges that we have to stay within where I work. That poor baby.

  2. 🤨 well, it creeped me out. As for productive use of your time: why are you reading Reddit stories? Reddit is designed for time wasting. Just because you expected a scary story and got a funny story instead is not a terrible tragedy.

  3. Aaaand then he wasted even MORE time to tell you about it publicly. That silly goose.

  4. To obtain your answer, grind up a bunch and then check the screen and see if there is a thin layer of queef.

  5. Am I the only one who thought Iliza Shlesinger is surely who they are referring to? Because TIL what GOAT stands for 🤣

  6. I cant speak about the afterlife, but ive experienced a fully immersive time slip into the past. It was the strangest thing ive ever seen/felt and still screws with my perception of existence.

  7. Monthly visits and playing with their feet and desensitizing practices are ALL excellent ideas. I just wanted to add that you can actually do “happy visits” even weekly and just bring a couple treats for the staff to give him with some love and pets. I am a groomer and vet tech and highly encourage this practice in either setting for any puppies or nervous dogs in general. Trust me, any staff member would be more than happy to oblige :)

  8. It kinda acts like a cat that's just met you and is really cautious of your every move lol

  9. Arizona. Vet Tech off and on since 1998. Was certified in Oregon but that did not carry after leaving the state. I left my last place because the pay was pitifully low even though I was a manager in a private practice. Also we were expected to do way more than I ever was at any other practice which I was really never comfortable with. (Including stuff a doctor should have been doing - not illegal things but just too much room for error and too rushed all the time).

  10. I smoke bud daily and not cigarettes. I also do not drink alcohol or partake in any other substances (except caffeine lol)

  11. I love everything about this photo! The j’s, the beautiful green in that grinder, fall leaves and a happy looking chicken. So peaceful.

  12. Yess.. This is my happiness. My daily life in my half converted Bus haha

  13. In a converted bus to boot! Now that is living the life in the moment ❤️😊

  14. The dotted “y” at the end looks like something I would do while hand lettering while stoned lol it’s always pretty but I manage to fuck it up in some tiny way 😂

  15. This looks like what we grew outdoors as an experiment with only tap water and no other special care. We kept our indoor grow well monitored, fed and temperature/humidity controlled with artificial light. The haphazard outdoor plant was fluffy and lacked chlorophyll like what I see here, whereas the indoor stuff looked/smelled/smoked beautifully. We didn’t smoke the outdoor flower, it was more for comparison, but it leads me to believe what you got here was probably not cared for very well.

  16. Offer it for rent to an employed person. Doesn't have to be carpark market rate, but definitely not for free.

  17. This is a smart suggestion. Also if OP truly doesn’t want to make any money off this, perhaps save up every penny that they receive in “rent” and use it for upkeep like replacing said power cords for charging, insulation for the water resource, etc. (Or just donate it for a good cause in some way).

  18. I upvoted because this gave me the warm fuzzies. It’s not that the penmanship is anything fancy, but I do know the nostalgic pleasant feeling. My mom passed away 7 years ago and I kept photos of a few of her cookie recipes hand written on stained index cards that she kept in a tin recipe box passed down to her from her mom who got it from her mom. Her handwriting was actually very neat, even though her spelling was not perfect. I love to look at them from time to time.

  19. That’s exactly why I posted it, gives me the best feeling every time. I’m so sorry for your loss, she is always with you♥️ Recipes are so special because it always feels like the person is with you whenever you make them!

  20. Rip to the guy who tried to post here... if you're seeing this know we appreciate you brother

  21. Check my update to the OP, it went decent but I got too baked lol 😵🥴

  22. Oh shit lol I definitely didn’t see that! Better luck next time, glad you got home safe.

  23. Trypophobia meets “Gremlins” The Movie: I Toad You Not To Feed Them After Midnight

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