1. This boss seriously screwed me bc each time he teleport, my game lags. After a while i got fed up and used all of my haze to level my character to 60 to fight him.

  2. i have a irrational hate for altergeist, I'm so glad that in more than 1000 games i only faced them 3 times, and lost all of them lol

  3. Same, never won once against a altergeist player. (Except that one time one lost connection)

  4. Does the deck need to only have one archetype with no staples, or the deck can have 2 archetype that works together in it but without the usual staples like maxx c and Ash Blossom?

  5. Both work! I prefer single archetypes but if there's a reason why they go together then that totally counts too

  6. Then i suggest crusadia kaiju. It's very cheap and you can build it without staples (although it will improve it especially maxx c). The game plan is easy: kaju your opponent monster and place it right above your extra monster zone, and link climb into equimax double its damage with maximus. Kaiju works really well with crusadia since crusadia link monsters gain attack equal to the original attack of monsters it points to, so they can gain the kaiju's attack. The kaiju is also very good in dismantling opponent boards.

  7. There's news of an incoming PC version

  8. If it's for pre-registration and you've already used it then no

  9. No, there was this mission that ask you to play the game on windows and it's reward is 500 gems.

  10. Okay, that's sad. Is the one Delta kills one of her brother from the same mother?

  11. Pretty okay. Played Crusadia with two red reboot and can otk pretty consistently.

  12. If the kitsune "ears" were even slightly angled to the sides, they would actually look like appropriate Gundam V-fins now lol. He's even got a chin piece ready to be painted red!

  13. I'm more concerned why is he using all three as material when he could just use update jammer and anyone else?

  14. If it's on the event, there's actually a decent chance it could happen. I once fought two person twice (4 duels) in the same day.

  15. I just realized that on Juuga's armor there are helix motifs all over it

  16. Delta is my favourite of the Seven Shades. Best doggo.

  17. Yesterday i just had three pendulum players in Anti spell event trying to banish my Magius using ice dragon prison by special summoning the arboria in my gy. I won all three duels if. Im not mistaken.

  18. For my recommendation, I would also suggest adding more imperm if you have more and Red Reboot. Red reboot make sure you can play through the turn. You can also add more special summon from hand such as link infra flier and world crown. Also since you have extra deck slot, consider these: Update Jammer, Dugares, and Crusadia spatha.

  19. Probably because he is the only NPC that came to the new world with their creator. The NPCs all thought that all the supreme being except Ainz abandoned them. So PA probably felt sorry for them bc he's the only one not abandoned by his creator.

  20. I was thinking of maybe naming it Chimerasaur but Griffender sounds nice too!

  21. Dying for the new pend support tbh

  22. Got any decklists i could steal?

  23. Unfortunately I am also looking for one. The best way is probably to splash dracoslayers into pendulum magicians but never tried it yet.

  24. Damn, it looks even better now! Love the Radome and missile configuration. Gonna use use it for my Rabiot custom later.

  25. I mean, yeah. XD Ritsuka has managed to win by being good as a person, rather than good as a mage. Their ability to make friends is infinitely more helpful than shooting a Gandr with 30% more force.

  26. When you're too normal, kind and charming that even the villain couldn't help but fell for you.

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