1. Sorry, that's the wrong thing to ask. But to answer the question, the main scoreboard numbers you should look at is elimination, assists and deaths, then the rest should be the hero panel on the right. Higher is better, on a per 10/min basis (lower is better on deaths).

  2. Thanks for the answer. Though that still does not really tell me why I get down ranked when I consistently outperform The other dps in my games (enemy and team mates alike) By the scoreboard numbers you mentioned.

  3. Replays will show me why and I could put it into more defined reasoning of why you're in that rank. Trying to describe your performance won't help, because memory plays tricks on you, things don't happen 100% the way we remember things.

  4. Mostly going for those I can shoot at, healers preferably then dps. If I have no clear shot then I attack the tank. Charging up sojurn gun and using the rail gun to shoot at healers and dps. Also if there is no target shooting at shields (Reinhard, sigma, …) to charge the rail gun and break it.

  5. Done well it would definitely be an interesting change in the tournament.

  6. The new 7000 is great but is just on the same level with the 5800x3D if you want to save money

  7. If I had ddr4 currently I might have done that but I am running ddr3 and a i7-4790K at the moment. Therefore I want to upgrade to the newest so it once again lasts for several years.

  8. PSU you should go 1000 W better safe than sorry.

  9. true, I’ll change that depending on what graphics card I will use in the end

  10. The one with turning orientation lock on and off sounds great. But what happens when you use picture in picture mode?

  11. I never use PIP mode, but I just tried it and technically since the app closes the orientation lock turns back on. When you click to make the PIP full screen again, that opens up YouTube in the background, so orientation lock turns off again.

  12. I think everyone should get whatever color they want. I like the purple as well though I'd probably take the black one. I always like the graphite and black colors because they are simple and always work imo. Are you going to use a case?

  13. My phone does this new thing now I like to call Whateverthefuck. It just… does whatever it wants!

  14. Did you drop the phone in the last few days? Or is there something wrong with your screen protector?

  15. Hey, I’d be interested in being your beta reader. I have only once been in a beta role but it was fun and I’d wanted to do it more often since then. I am not from an english speaking country but I like to believe I am fluent in english. So if you’d like to have me as a beta just message me!

  16. Sounds like a great story idea and I might be able to give valuable input.

  17. Came here to suggest the same thing.

  18. Yeah that is the fic I wanted to read but it honestly didn’t really hook me.

  19. Ok, i might give it another try

  20. I don't mind longer chapters though I definitely prefer shorter ones.

  21. This seems like an ad fraud scheme to me. If the phone thinks the website is “in view” for this length of time, then the video / display ads could be thinking they’re in view as well, which is what advertisers will be paying for

  22. Might be but I think that it is more of a bug with safari not quitting the quick view? Like you can open a website in an app and it opens it in safari but not really safari. Then when you press done in the top left it does not close correctly/completely. I have had that not happen in quite some time though, might have been fixed.

  23. You can set the theme for the site (named skin) under preferences while logged in.

  24. Ok, so I have to create an account. Thanks for the info I will do that though you have to request to join. Apparently that will take until the end of month.

  25. Do they still have an invite based thing too? If so I should be abled to give you one, since I never used any and have been on the site for years.

  26. I requested for an invite on the site and I got the information that it will take until the end of the month to get it. I’d appreciate it if you could share an invite with me though.

  27. I'm always glad whenever someone uses the reminder bot because then I can have the bot msg me too. It's not spam. I know the bell but I (and many others) prefer not to get constant notifications which don't contain the reply, instead we can come back in a week and look at the thread.

  28. That’s mostly the reason I just used the bot. Actually my first time using it. And I don’t like getting too many messages. I even made it so I only get reddit notifications silent in the notification view on the iphone and not in the lock screen or as pop up. And with the bell I probably have to deactivate it again?

  29. Yeah and they were even smut or dirty just courting romance ones. Like maybe I'm just finding the weird ideas? That's a cool debt thing

  30. linkffn(6261551) This is the one where the debt gets adopted, I haven’t saved the other one or at least I did not find them.

  31. I've only ever read veela fics where they have to mate for life by 17 or they die. Your version sounds much better

  32. Really? I have never read one like that. Or at least I don’t remember it.

  33. I have done some house sorting quizzes and mostly I get Slytherin (my house) but I have also gotten sorted into the other three houses on occasion.

  34. just wow, now I can’t get the grin off of my face…

  35. These are some good ones in my opinion.

  36. In this fic, Harry does eventually get into a relationship with Draco. I don’t usually read Drarry (that’s what it is called) but in this fic I think it was done well.

  37. Thank you this really helped! I am fairly well versed in fanfics but I have not often read on ao3 but more on fanfiction.net to use the app and dark mode.

  38. you can make a skin for dark mode on ao3 if you have an account! i’m sure there’s already a few skins out there to choose from, but there’s also youtube videos on how to make your own skins on ao3. my friend has a dark mode skin that she uses for the site!

  39. Nice, I didn’t know that. Then I might have to create an account to test that out. Thanks for the info!

  40. There is always The Prince of Slytherin (which is hated on this sub for some reason).

  41. Is there a pairing for Harry in this fic?

  42. Hope you will enjoy them! I have personally read them twice and I would love to read them again without all the knowledge I have of the Harry Potter Universe.

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