1. She wasn't missed. Notice how great Britt's birthday party was without Carly & Joss ruining it with their regular negative attitudes.

  2. Joss did end up ruining it by showing up late. Britt would be alive if not for that.

  3. Funny that Dex was such a bad shot to only hit a wrist. Maybe he thought it was the real hook attacker and is in with them.

  4. For a former military guy and private security employee… he’s not a great shot at close range. They should bring back the shooting range set and show him practicing.

  5. She’ll be getting an entire episode in late March before the Nurses Ball. What aired today was shortly after she died. They did put a short piece up for Sonya Edy at the end of an episode. That was a couple weeks ago.

  6. I get Fox by antenna for free, but since I have a 4K TV w/HDR I added the Fox Sports app on my Roku Ultra player to watch it in 4K HDR.

  7. Hopefully it works well for you and if not you have a good backup option. Just keep in mind streaming it might be a little behind the ota feed if you have friends watching elsewhere that might text you after a td.

  8. Its on FOX this year so you may be able to get it via your antenna if you have reception. Another option is the 7 day free trial from FuboTV. I used that last year and it worked just fine. Other providers like Hulu and YT also have free trials if you don't like Fubo.

  9. Nicely the fox app is giving it free with no log in... so no other hoops to jump through for those that don't get fox over the air for free.

  10. That's a good one. This definitely fits Esme.

  11. Wow, that's so good. It's nice to see them quoting us.

  12. I’m hopeful. It seems like they’re working on it and it also seems like the industry itself is struggling with this problem across the board. My question for the director of engineering at WESH was, then why would Hearst make a business decision to turn on encryption? He didn’t give me an answer but in our discussion a few things came to light….first, they were supposed to have this on months ago and second, the user footprint for ATSC 3.0 is small. So, it’s likely that they view all of this as a test period for getting things setup properly while the user base for next gen tv is small.

  13. The engineer is unfortunately just at the whim of corporate and certainly isn't going to say anything. My thought is that Hearst and other station owners are going to want to control what people record and possibly leverage that cost to both the consumer and the companies that want to build converter boxes that have any kind of recording capabilities.

  14. I actually thought that the .1 station couldn’t be encrypted per congressional legislation. I think they’re likely getting away with it now because the ATSC 1.0 channels are not encrypted.

  15. They can encrypt everything, but they can't charge for the primary feed (which might be a .1 but sometimes isn't ... especially all these 3.0 channels sharing a tower or two towers in each market right now). TV's are already built with the decryption stuff built in and those manufacturers have had no problem getting the decryption keys. But they could still work it to charge hardware makers or even consumers for the ability to record the channels... or make restrictions such that the recordings are locked to a specific authorized box. It's really kind of a mess and they are trying to gain control of what they lost control with due to VCR's, DVD recorders, and then digital tuners. That's my take on it. But the law itself isn't specific to .1 but more to the primary networks (ABC/CBC/Fox/NBC/CW) even if they aren't on a .1.

  16. The short answer is no. Your only options I can think of is if you added services onto your cellphone or upped your service to include them. Or if your internet is say through Comcast/Xfinity, you can subscribe to services on your xfinity account and they be bundled in with that bill. I don't know for the xfinity situation if it requires the use of their streaming box, but it might... and you'd be limited to whatever they resell... and live tv is probably just going to be xfinity stream.

  17. called DirectTV and they were ok with my insurance sending the check and wrote in my notes.

  18. Nice. So one less burden with whatever you are dealing with.

  19. She hired Curtis to find out if she had had kids. If he was any kind of PI, he must have taken this step. But it is not likely that either Nelle or Willow would have been at the databases at the time

  20. I'm not really sure how good Curtis was as a private detective but I haven't seen anything yet that has impressed. Selena was the one that told him where to find Oz and is still paying for it.

  21. Dex also appears to be several years younger than Willow and Nelle. So I would assume like you said - Dex would have most likely been a separate birth or one (or more) eggs were sold. I don't want it to turn into Nina having 18 children that she didn't know about. I like the character - but I don't want GH to turn into "The Nina and her Unknown Children Hour."

  22. Yeah, I'm not that interested in seeing Nina go through that. There's enough crossbreeding as it is among the tiny population of port charles. Though it would be kind of interesting if Nina did have a dna test similar to what Stella and Trina did and find out there are other relatives of hers out there. That is, if she hasn't already done that at a time when I was on a break from watching. But not necessarily more unknown kids... maybe a half brother or sister.

  23. They definitely should honor both of them. They were key figures on the show for ages. I'm still hopeful that Leslie will be able to come back when she's well enough.

  24. Such good memories. Given what they've said they are doing for Epiphany with a whole episode... it should be a huge step up from the typical send off for someone that died... which IMO, she more than deserves. The actress was exceptional and a joy to watch, but the character was as well.

  25. I use a $30 (around $40 on the website, might be cheaper in stores) tv tuner box from Core Innovations that Walmart sells. Works perfectly for this and you can hdmi it to the tv or use coax. It can take a little bit of work to get used to the quirks (remote must be aimed perfectly at the box, use 24 hour time when scheduling something outside of the guide, starting your recordings 1min early for a fast jumpdrive and 2min early for a harddrive .. so it has time to spin up and start recording), but it's perfect for what I do.

  26. She plays my least favorite character on GH, but is a talented actress to pull that off without being like that herself. A lot like Dan Buran is said to be a really good dude, yet Linc is human waste.

  27. I spend some of my energy here posting about characters I love to see. Yesterday for me was already going to be great due simply to Liesl appearing.

  28. Last time I checked, the networks got the airwaves for free, and I don't think those same networks contributed a single penny to the buildout of our internet infrastructure. The same rules should apply here.

  29. They also don't get to use the internet infrastructure for free... neither do we.

  30. I still don’t understand why this can’t be the standard model? Like, you can get TV free over the air, why can’t they make those some channels available to stream? They could even keep the same ads. I’m sure the geniuses at these networks could figure this out, right?!

  31. The problem is the distribution method for the network content at the local level doesn't give them the rights to just stream it. It takes the networks opening up to do this from their apps NBC/CBS/ABC/Fox. The local networks only own the broadcast rights for OTA and then to sell their channels to cable type companies. Then there's all the convoluted rights surrounding sports, regional content, and so on... and NFL would rather hold those rights for out of market content and sell it to you for a few hundred a year through a third party for billions than give it out for free. The Super Bowl just so happens to have a big enough audience with crazy levels of ad revenue that makes it so much money on ads that they can just give it away free.

  32. While the baby was big... all baby's born on soaps are infected with the SORAS... and begin aging at first breath.

  33. Who takes a morning flight to London from the east coast?? Lol

  34. I looked yesterday at the flights out of NYC... enough do that they have flights in the morning. I'd imagine a lot of business people would fly during the day so they arrive, get settled in for the night, and then start work fresh the next day. It probably is also a good idea to go early for those that have trouble sleeping on a plane and rather than showing up at the crack of dawn all tired from lack of sleep.

  35. Probably once MeTV+ goes nation wide they'd add it since it's in the same family of channels and they already have regular MeTV.

  36. Those channels are all pretty solid. I get them free over the air but no harm in frndly carrying them if it's not coming at some cost that raises rates. I'd imagine they may even get the channels free but pass on viewership info back to the owners for better negotiating ad sales.

  37. Seems like the logical thing to do besides shoot it down is to attach a tow line and helicopter it to somewhere that doesn’t have a population, pull it down and test it to see if it has a bio weapon inside as part of the gas… or if it’s just surveillance. I get why they want to see what it was doing … kind of like letting the robbers come out of the store with items before arresting them, but at this point the jig is up… pull it down and investigate.

  38. And here is the Carly vs Nina person. It's youre right to opine but this is why I asked to not do this. But go ahead.

  39. There is zero bias or hate in my post. That’s what you asked people not to do. I put a lot of thought into my reply. It would be a boring retread of stories for the characters if Willow dies. It’s a shame you aren’t open to discussion.

  40. You mention nina losing her daughter Carly getting away with it all. Many characters get away with it all. If willow dies, this may change that.

  41. It’s just a different view. I don’t believe Carly would change if Willow dies. Why would she? She kept a secret that she didn’t know the impact of. She doesn’t think she was in the wrong even after Drew explained it three different ways and turned blue. So for the character of Nina, it’ll be a repeat of the Nelle story where Carly doesn’t change. Same for Nina keeping Mike-Sonny a secret when he didn’t want to know his past or go back to it. If they are to kill Willow then they need to drag it out or it’s going to feel like they are just doing the same story again. Nina will more actively try to do Carly harm. Carly will do something else to Nina. Round and round and round. It would be more interesting to me (and I don’t care much about either character, they could kill both off tomorrow and I’d be fine with it) if Willow lives and they grow both characters to being part of the same family and more in common than different. Hell they could team them up and have Olivia sell out her stake in the MC to Carly.

  42. It makes me sad because I feel like Britt will never come back, now. But, I still hope she will — some how, some way. Maybe not soon, but a few years from now.

  43. In recent interviews with KT that’s not part of her life plan to come back and why she wanted the character fully dead and had such a big part of ending it. I think we need to wish her the very best on her life in London and hope that maybe we see her pop up in other things.

  44. My husband has to take off as little time as possible for work so we do a night flight. We're going to France next month and we leave at 8pm on a Saturday. He also likes to limit how much time the dogs spend at the kennel so if we have a night flight we can drop them off that morning.

  45. Totally makes sense to maximize the time you’d be there.

  46. Late 1970’s… and early 80’s… my mom watched OLTL but when we visited my Grandmother she watched GH. When it was on if you wanted to be in the living room you were quiet. So I watched along and it was pretty high action. As a kid in the central time zone, there was no GH after school but every break and during the summer I’d watch soaps. OLTL, GH, and some times I’d squeeze Days of our lives in. After graduating HS, it was pretty easy to more easily follow soaps daily. OLTL and GH were my main focus. OLTL was before the first appearance of Todd Manning and GH was before Luke and Laura returned. I have taken breaks at times, but my last one was likely my last break. I enjoy this show and I’ll keep on watching till it’s gone or I am.

  47. Not necessarily. $10 each will get you ad free peacock, paramount plus, and the lowest tier of ad free Netflix. $16 gets hbo max and $15 Hulu without ads. That’s $61. And there are sales and the ad versions to drive the price lower and still get the bulk of every major service.

  48. Ultimately this is also paying full price. There are deals for the patient person. Like free Paramount+ and AppleTV+ that you can cycle the promos and spend $0. Then there are also deals through the credit card promotions and bundled with services people pay for. Like right now I’m spending $4.98 /mo on Hulu with ads bundled with Disney+ and then $0 for Peacock Premium as it’s bundled with my internet.