1. This is like the 12th episode of a 16 episode Kdrama lmao are we in the homestretch

  2. Man, if you can eat your food, while everyone else is losing theirs and blaming you, you straight, homie

  3. You just hear the La Resistance theme and you know that they're heels

  4. What's his peak in AEW? Bitching in the conference about "calling an audible" to lose to the Acclaimed lol

  5. Why did they use this picture of Bobby Roode in 2015 when he lost the world title like 2 years before this? lmao

  6. He beat Lashley sometime in 2014. Only crazy people kept watching TNA after AJ left... (me)

  7. Flareon, Charmander, Charizard and even Salamence are a bunch of vanilla midgets. Exeggutor and Gyarados are confirmed draws

  8. Of course they'd cancel it. No big dimes Leighton Meester to carry the show

  9. Is this a case of booking on a website instead of booking directly with a hotel...

  10. How many goddamn final shows and final matches does Keiji Mutoh/Great Muta have, it's fucking absurd at this point

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