1. He is in his 40s though.. and almost 20 years trying to survive zombies, scavangers, etc.. I’d say he looks much more realistic and the way you’d expect someone who has been through a lot to look like this.

  2. well damn.. i was about to pull the trigger cause it is on sale, and imagined my character like some dual wield gunslinger… might wait for expansion it might get added in

  3. I dont even know if it is worth it, it is such a big hit on performance.. and not to mention that every unit looks like someone dropped buckets of marmalade on top of them hah

  4. definitely better that they did a movie version than book.. as there are more people who have watched the movies than read the books.

  5. Pay less attention to meters and more attention to playing the game. If it aint broke dont fix it !

  6. okay bro I do totally agree with some of those things but I would like to know if it is issue or not or how it should be.. Just want to get my money’s worth and especially if something is wrong would like to see if it is fixable or not.

  7. Until Dawn is the shortest, then Last of Us, and then GOW

  8. I think flying with a Hippogriff might be a special treat. A one-off, maybe. I can’t see them allowing us to spawn Hippogriffs to fly around campus on, haha

  9. No way that they do all the work for animation and all that and leave it for one thing. Maybe brooms will be allowed in hogwarts and in vicinity but anywhere further away from hogwarts you can ride hippogriff

  10. i wanna see my boy gil-galad in some action.. havent seen any scene of him in armor or fighting, only that one photo with his spear thingy haha

  11. will there be any sale/discount prior to immortal empires coming out?

  12. get a ps4 if u can, they are pretty cheap now and game will run much better than on switch

  13. Stop listening to the hive mind bs. 90% of the trash people talk about it are by people who have never played it once, click bait youtubers and people who went into it looking trying to find things in it to complain about bc of the the previous 2.

  14. thanks for this reply, I guess I ll start downloading it tonight haha

  15. oh well I guess I ll just wait for the expansion then and focus on some other games until it comes out haha. Just kind of want to have the experience that they promised in the beginning

  16. To whoever is thinking that you ll be able to wonder hogwarts and torture/kill students, not gonna happen..

  17. And jet packs haha. The would be wild right there.

  18. I am really getting tired of all these world war 2 RTS games.. these people and CoH developers need to start tackling modern warfare.. its about time..

  19. true but honestly call to arms is not in a same league as men of war and CoH when it comes to quality

  20. U got c2 42 inch (thats the smallest you can get)

  21. Hate this for us. I wanted to make my own characters. :< Faces are kind of. The defining feature of people, so this is a huge disappointment for me that I'll be sharing the same face with another million players, just with a variety of haircuts and skin tones. I actually thought that in 2022, character creation automatically meant having the ability to customise features rather than pick from a pool of premades.

  22. I dont know why you getting downvoted bro.. for an rpg game where you “build your own character”, getting limited to face presents its just really really lazy from developers side.. Its 2022.. and its an rpg.. full editing should be a must..

  23. And it's probably gonna get worse the more info we get. Can't dislike anything even if the criticism is legit, I'm totally getting ready for the toxic positivity during the next months.

  24. I honestly am not expecting too much, I just want to enjoy the wizarding world but darn was I expecting to have some great customisations…

  25. Setting up face customization is very time consuming, no matter the engine you use.

  26. It most certainly isnt.. especially in unreal engine..have you seen what kind of games people have been issuing in unreal engines? and by people I mean indie developers and avalanche has over 100..

  27. So, how many system of this kind have you set up? I'm just a hobby dev but I have worked with unreal and unity. Yes, the tools are there. The tools were there 20 years ago, that's not the issue. You still need to set up your models for these type of things, either via and IK System or via blendshapes. It's a lot of work.

  28. What I meant by time consuming is that they did not have to spend 2-3y(if not more) developing their engine and then working on a game, I meant more that they already have an engine, so I dont see an excuse why not add the full customisation especially in a game like this, where everybody wants to actually roleplay themselves in Wizard world.

  29. This is the problem when you dont have classes… Everybody can have everything with 0 restrictions. And thats why this game will always be unbalanced piece of ****.

  30. To be honest Modern Warfare 2019 Remake had such amazing guns and maps, they really put in an effort. I am really excited to get the MW2 Remake, cause of both singleplayer (keen to meet my boy soap) and multiplayer. Kind of only reason I am playing bf2042 is so I kill time until this comes out.

  31. VoIP was never used for talking with random squad, even in previous BF games.. It is used to talk with your friends especially in a game such as this one that has Crossplay.. Three of my mates, pc/xbox/ps5..we could not play until VoIP was added.. also yes community is broken but definitely cause the game is broken af.

  32. wait u agreed on 100 + super and got 110 including super? isnt that same thing bro

  33. well you do not know what the company will do, for example my company has been adding super increases on top of the base salary. I think even if Super keeps going up I think they gave them a pretty good deal and what he asked for.

  34. I think battlefield vietnam would be step in right direction. There wont be too much modern warfare, still some attachments and technology advancement, and I just want to fly Huey and listen to Fortunate Son

  35. Just in time for my christmas break wohoo, 2 weeks off, I know what I ll be doing..

  36. Last of us is a must(try to wait for part 1 remake coming out). Next games I would recommend: God of War, Detroit Become Human and Until Dawn (these ones are more like movies where you make choices, quick time events etc), Red Dead Redemption 2(but that one is more of an open world game but beautiful story). Uncharted 4 (if you like adventure and good story)

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