1. Ok wtf is with this sub and not being able to take proper screen shots? It’s the snipping tool. Everyone has it. Is there a hidden sub rule that you must take out your phone to take a picture of your monitor?

  2. Phones easiest and instant, obviously the drop in quality of content is not concerning anyone, and as far as I can tell not many people know how to take screen shots and edit on a phone or pc properly

  3. Needed es instead of firewall. Not the worst base tho

  4. That’s ok I’m dead set on finding a 3 es 1-3 cold armor and 1-3 either tstorm for nova update or enchant to share with a melee sorc. Thank you for the offer tho man. I just really want to shave 3 points off my es

  5. Any time, I’m really just grinding to get my next upgrade for my assassin, been tryin trade my anni for ber+

  6. This Fiesta shit is fucking garbage just more RNG to go with the already RNG pistol spam!

  7. Easily controllable and predictable. Again just gotta hit your headshots

  8. Everyone needs to be standing on a plate at once to spawn the pattern

  9. Not a space agency (NASA) just make one more green screen event. So we can laughing some more.

  10. Thrush infested, gangrene, vagina. I literally had to take her to the hospital, she almost fell into septic shock, but I literally threw up and almost blacked out

  11. In case you didn't know, you can stack tether with particle deconstruction for bosses. Just need to shoot tether first, I believe. Other way around and it won't stack

  12. This was nerfed and changed, now PD stacks with Div

  13. No way man howlong did the phsycosis last ? For u I mean

  14. 3 weeks of full blown psychosis, 7-8 months until I was 90% better, and now well… I’m about 95% recovered 5+ years later

  15. Same here brother i got phsycosis from Xanax and weed, I had disturbing running thoughts and paranoia and hallucinations for 1 month, then my doctor gave me seroquel and zyprexa and the medicin helped me a lot, after 6-7 months I got completely better and lived normal again, I know what u went through bro but know 1 thing what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger

  16. Cannabis has been reported to bring out some mental illness’s in certain at risk people. Cannabis is still technically mildly hallucinating, and should be treated with the utmost respect

  17. I’ve done that as well. One of the beast weapons in the game is… a sword. Combine that with a sidearm and literally anything with range and proper mods and you could do most GMs with a good team.

  18. Which nightfall? And with a sidearm and sword? Sure if the community was at all skilled I would believe you but 99% of us are absolutely trash. Unless you can prove otherwise, you’re trash at the video game. Care to compare 3rd party reports?

  19. Only GM where a sword is viable is Lake. Other than that, these people are making their runs infinitely harder if what they're saying is true. Why would anyone do that? That's not respecting your LFG team's time.

  20. No it’s not respecting your lfg team, if someone more knowledgeable and of a higher skill level than me critics my build, I assume they are trying to help me and I use it as a learning experience, but there’s a difference between a teacher, and a know it all bully.

  21. X-ray/CT/MRI to identify tissue loss and damage and possible bone damage

  22. It’s a little room they weigh you in and take your temperature

  23. Why is this sub full of people that expect everyone to get addicted? Are ya all addicted and think everyone will end up like you or what’s the matter?

  24. I say with with the utmost respect and it comes from a place of concern, opiates will beat you, you aren’t stronger than these chemicals, unless prescribed by a doctor in responsible amounts never take opiates. People like you don’t deserve them anyway

  25. Now gtfo, flush your stash, go back to your cozy life, have a beer or smoke some weed if you wanna get high, and most importantly forget about oxy as an outlet forever.

  26. Ah, but say you number oracles 123 back, 456 front. If you get 1+4, 2+5 or 3+6, you can see easily if there are two in the same row. Also, you only need to spot the first two, as the 3rs is always going to be the only one left for the gate team to hit. So just focus on those first 2 callouts and save yourself unnecessary headache!

  27. I concur benzodiazepines are at the end of the leash, they aren’t sustainable, and cause dementia later in life, and tolerance withdrawal will happen to anyone that takes them without a increased dose. Benzo addiction is to expensive for our govt to sustain. Amphetamine/Methamphetamine are surprisingly tolerated pretty well by the body in pure forms, and the synthesis is simple enough for a freshman chemist to preform

  28. Careful with Temazepam, I got addicted to that benzo and the withdrawal sent me in a world of psychosis and hallucinations for 30 days. By day 6 I was literally begging to be killed, I was talking to people that weren’t there, my bp got so high they almost induced a coma.

  29. I use this stuff for when I have to kick, it really significantly helps craving and the all day non-stop yawning

  30. I have the same issue with Amara using her orb.

  31. So what I do is toss the ball away (fully proced w/150/90 psycho stabber) then I run at one of the twins and call the ball to me and most of the time it will chunk their health significantly.

  32. YouTubers often use item editors and don’t actually grind for there stuff

  33. This is so wrong 😑 n so many levels, you are so uneducated it’s disgusting kick rocks before you hurt someone.

  34. Mayham 11 and a decent build in the Slaughters will get you leveled in less than an hour

  35. I don't have a second controller to plvl. Just dread doing the leveling and story each new character let alone if I want multiple playstyles for each character

  36. Thats what sitting in the Thrallway holding down the trigger on your vex all day will get you.

  37. I have 125k on my trinity ghoul, from garden alone, the thrallway boots you to orbit now after to many consecutive inputs.

  38. Wait tell you get some anointed militants. They suck big time, reflective shield, immune phase and aoe flame damage

  39. Unfortunately, this is not a rare outcome from a concert. [+]

  40. This is kinda a rare experience I’ve been to hundreds of raves and concerts, shows, whatever you wanna call them and this rarely happens this is tragic

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