1. Picnic areas will be great for rural people like me. However it does raise the question if single picnic tables are allowed. Their picture depicts three of them in close range. Would

  2. I would try it and link to the new criteria in the forum quoting the section on picnic tables in supporting info (that they provide a place to gather and socialize blah blah blah whatever it said).

  3. They way he put it, it needs to be still a permanent area, a lone movable picnic table is still probably not eligible. If it's bolted down, if it's a obviously a place that has multiple then you are good.

  4. He highlighted the dead grass under it. I don’t think it has to be bolted to the ground necessarily but yes permanent.

  5. Stuck on this one too since June. I’ve gotten two of my five with the daily incense. I’ve seen 1 more with daily incense but it dodged my first throw and ran. So three more to go! Or we can wait until Easter. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Yeah, I have one that’s just been sitting there for god knows how long requiring me to catch a tornadus

  7. Submit the plaque as the trail marker calling it “Trail Marker XYZ” and then explain that the plaques are on benches and SERVE as the trail markers along the trail.

  8. Clean your camera off and retake the pics. There’s a bit of a smear going on that is making it a bit blurry. I would still accept it with the smeared pic but it may make the sidewalk/street transition easier to see in the supporting photo

  9. It’s definitely not an exact science so don’t worry too much about watching your queue or flooding the queue with submissions. If they are good submissions, submit them. And keep submitting. And do a lot of reviews so long as you are matching what other reviewers are getting to earn those upgrades.

  10. For real, I started a new account last year and I have yet to find enough feebas to evolve one for a special research. It's insane to me how bad niantic is at keeping track of what new players need.

  11. I started playing again in Feb (after leaving in 2016). I was able to get Feebas from Battle encounters last season. Plus a LOT of walking and Poffins. I have a best buddy Milotic now!

  12. Just got my first ever nincada from the 2 excellent throws research! You’ll get one too I’m sure!

  13. These shoes still sell for stupid prices online. But, this is a thrift store. What are the chances that someone with this kind of money to spend on shoes is just going to randomly walk through the door? They price stuff like they're resellers and don't think about their customer base or how much floor space they lose with things that sit around forever.

  14. And the thrift store definitely didn’t authenticate them or gauge condition or anything like that. They are NOT experts and it is incredible that they price high end and collectible items like they are!

  15. Just trying to have some fun with it :grin: I don’t really even know how to use Reddit. Haha. But I see other people get friends this way, so worth a shot! :)

  16. Liking all your posts on here to throw you some karma so you can do more on Reddit!

  17. Thanks so much! I have no clue about the karma and upvotes, but I appreciate it! I’m new to the world of Reddit.

  18. LOL I’m 33 and only started using Reddit to help with PoGo. It’s evolved and now I have lots of interesting subreddits I follow on here about Midcentury modern design and thrift shopping and dogs and F1 racing… i still spend the most time on the various Pokémon Go subreddits. I think you’ll like it here.

  19. It's not a roundabout island (or apron) but I will tell you I have seen pocket parks just like this in communities.

  20. It is sadly a roundabout island (it’s a half circle shape, like a traffic island) see pic 3 and you can zoom in to see what I mean. There’s no path, no sidewalk, not even a crosswalk to get there. It’s not a park, it is some grass with plants on it so the HOA can feel okay about having some stupid traffic pattern to cram 2 more houses on that side of the street by putting them in a curve.

  21. Green space definitely but with no sign it’s just a natural feature

  22. It is also literally a traffic island. No pedestrian path or sidewalk. Some grass in the middle of the road

  23. Noibat. 106 days, 364 km. Already best buddy but need 129 more candies to evolve at 5 km per candy (without poffins). So just got to keep on walking………

  24. Thoughts on decorated trash cans and the like? I’ve had a few of these come across for review. One was a painted dog poop bag stand in a park. The park was a wayspot already and the dog poop bag station had been painted. I just had some garbage cans on a sidewalk (publicly owned ones) that had metal panels attached to the outside. These panels were printed with a nice pattern of green leaves to look kind of artistic and more interesting than just ugly brown metal. It was not hand painted, though the submitter called it a “mural.” I have no idea if they are unique patterns different to each trash can or if they are mass produced and all the ones on that road are the same. Who knows? But I’ve also seen things like this that ARE wayspots already when driving through a city.

  25. Damn you lot are real rural 😭😭

  26. I’m in the Houston suburbs but only like 15 mins out… so definitely not rural.

  27. How do you get that many through in 45 days? Did you upgrade every single one?

  28. I feel this. I make my wife acknowledge this as an accomplishment, but she legit couldn't care. For the few days after I make Legend, I send her pics of the pose or this season answering yes with a fist in hand nod. I know like 2 or 3 people that battle religiously and can appreciate how hard this is. Also... Shiny Libre?!?

  29. I showed my husband my Best Buddy, named after our puppy Aspen (Arcanine)c in the first wayspot I submitted that just got approved and made a gym. I went and kicked mystic out and put my fiery puppy in there this afternoon to claim my brand new gym as OURS for team Valor with my puppy as the mascot! I showed it to him and explained and he said “what’s a gym? That’s different than pokestops?” 🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. Are there shiny eevolutions that are cooler than others?

  31. It is a lot of personal preference. The Eevee shinies are mostly pretty good (meaning they look different/distinctive from the original). Sylveon is really good, but so are Umbreon, Vaporeon, Espeon… Jolteon and Flareon are the least exciting looking, then Leafeon and Glaceon. The other 4 are awesome looking.

  32. Like 4* 100% mons (which you can search for by using 4* in the search bar), there are 0% Pokémon called “Nundos” which are even MORE highly saught after for collector type players because they are much much rarer than Hundos. For example I have 9 hundos and only 2 nundos. I give my nundos extra special names because they are extra special! I have Ar-none and Oddnunzo.

  33. Same reason you keep useless shinies or useless mons wearing a costume. Because they are rare or exclusive and collectible even if they are no good for Raids or PvP.

  34. It took me forever to realize that the Kanto Birds were named ArticUNO, ZapDOS, and MolTRES.

  35. I saw a Zapdos but it ran. I have gotten a Kabutops, Aerodactyl, a sandy coat Burmy (my first), two Spoink (which were my first), pupitar, rapidash today, 5 Magmar (I don’t have his evolution yet so need to catch a bunch for the candies), two Sealeo, phantump, and an exeggcute (only exciting because I’m on the “Let’s Go Meltan” where I need to catch 5… that was 1/5 so a ways to go!). And a ton of Ponyta, wurmple, buizel, Eevee, qwilfish, etc of course! It’s been a fun break in the day to go focus on pogo for 15 minutes though! It’s kind of a mystery gamble what you’ll get so I like that it is free. I think it was a nice addition to the game to spice it up!

  36. It doesn't matter if there are a lot of wayspots around. What matters is if they are duplicates or not. If someone submits a Playground, which then gets accepted, and later someone submits a swing at that same playground? That's a duplicate. But if there are two playgrounds nearby each other, or a separate swingset a block from the other playground, they are both valid candidates.

  37. I thought the playground itself was valid, and then also individual elements like the swing set and the slide/climbing structure. I don’t remember where I saw that but it was somewhere in this subreddit.

  38. Footbridges have been acceptable since november I think. Most notably if they're part of a hiking trail but we've gotten a lot of them accepted locally when there's just a footpath on them.

  39. What do you think of footbridges on bike/walking paths? I’ve seen a lot in voting and “footbridge” seems to vary widely from a wooden bridge on a hiking trail to a very short piece of poured concrete over a small ditch.

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