1. Everyone knows that true demons are in government, so that's an easy question

  2. Not only Europeans, the majority of countries use a comma instead of a dot.

  3. Same in programming for numbers interfaces, can't imagine it could be different

  4. The pizza at Dolce Italia on Skelton Road is probably the best I've had. Nothing beats the plain and simple margarita. Meanwhile Pizza Hut and Dominos is possibly the worst out of all their international branches, just the pricing, portions, and the quality of the food puts PH and D down at the list.

  5. I've had bad experience with Dolce Italia, I think their pizza should cost 2 times less. I've ordered additional mushrooms once for 600rp they've added mushrooms from the can, which has no taste, in general I would rate it 3+

  6. I'm curious about the average price in LKR per gram. It's rly hard to find anything good except key-g, which is sad

  7. I'm traveling half of my life, many countries visited and I never had a single bad experience being different (color, eyes, height etc), so idk what you actually asking about. People are very nice here, but there are lots of annoying guys who will come to you near the beach and will try to sell you weed or smth.

  8. Me too. I am just trying to get a general feel and educate myself about the SriLankan situation. I imagine being Russian tourist in Poland right now is not so good idea after 24th of February. Just checking. Sometimes the situation is so bad that tourists are a burden example in a natural disaster.

  9. I think if you are Russian, you'll be welcome in Belorus and North Korea.

  10. I suppose being a "white" color foreigner will attract more beggars and if you are going to Mirissa or any other tourist spots, you will have foreigner prices.

  11. Most people use python for FP purposes as it is popular.

  12. Well, I meant pure functional language, since you can do functional programming in C++ or Java or whatever multiparadigm language, but it will be different from one on haskell or lisp, erlang etc

  13. Loads of them available on Amazon India, does Amazon India ship to Lanka?

  14. Good question tho, I also wondering. As well as if I need to pay taxes being a foreigner

  15. You're right. What I meant was that people don't need a reason to hate on the "enemy" that the ruling class has designated. Before the war of 2014, Ukrainians and Russians were brothers, now they hate each other because of nothing more than politics

  16. Different history, different roots, different culture. They are not brothers. I mean we count ourselves as brothers, since we came from one origin - Africa. But it's not the same, right? Like Thai said - same, same but different

  17. When im using windows, it feels like my iq is getting lower with every click

  18. From my experience 100 is insufficent. Install windows first, then create a new partition with 200mb, copy evetything there and wipe the 100mb patition.

  19. Your website is difficult to view on mobile. Besides there are over dozen tutorials for beginners:

  20. It's funny that I need package manager to install package manager. <3 JS

  21. There are also five other blockchain softwares that partnered with Microsoft, and they want to integrate more blockchain softwares into their Azure cloud platform. Can anyone shed some insight on Syscoin and how they will fit into the picture moving forward, from an investment standpoint.

  22. I never saw that Microsoft said anything about this, are you sure this info is true?

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