1. Please, 40 years ago we had the Soviet Union and we wondered when the bombs would drop.

  2. Actually, I worried about that when I was younger, and by the 80s, wasn't worried about a war with the USSR at all.

  3. Almost if the American system of democracy needs an enemy, if not real, then manufactured and perceived .

  4. Well, I was thinking it was more of a developmental kind of thing, where kids of a certain age are extra vulnerable to existential fears... But like you're saying, I've been quite interested in life in the former USSR, and one thing I've seen/heard from several sources is that they did not have this fear hanging over their heads. So maybe your idea is correct. I've heard that about fascism, too. Makes you wonder.

  5. The 80s -- what a great time to be a geek.

  6. I love it when you can tell that people are really acting hard. They're professionals and they have a good work ethic, so they act hard, and it shows.

  7. "Child-like" anything in old age is an oxymoron.

  8. I put on a layer of fat when I was about 38. It just happened in the span of a few months, and it's been there ever since -- I'm 75 now. It coincides with starting a new job, where my daily routine began with breakfast at McDonald's -- two biscuit sausages, IIRC. I also ate a fix-your-own burger for lunch. A very nice one. And I had more meat, after work. Previously, I wouldn't even eat meat once a week.

  9. you can learn a lot at night after the bars close, and you don't even need to go to school!

  10. Going back toward the beginnings of the term--

  11. Humane Society has great programs for seniors, however.

  12. I am from Germany, not familiar with that program. Thanks though

  13. There are all sorts of programs that vary by locality in the US. Probably the same in Germany. By all means, get a pet if you don't have one. I expected my mental outlook to improve, and it has. I did not expect my physical health to improve, but it has too.

  14. We needed a Marshall Plan for the former Soviet Union. Instead we let the gangsters take it over, and the secret police inside Russia was never dismantled (heck, it survived the transition from Tsarist Russia to Communist Russia and I don’t think enough people really appreciate how much THEY run the country)

  15. Well, as a retired person, it’s a lot easier to be poor than it was two years ago. An average 30% price increase for everything will do that.

  16. The job may have become obsolete, but the skills weren't. It pays to have skills that apply to more than just the job at hand.

  17. This is a major downside of technology work such as programming. Although you don't lose the "knack" -- the thought process -- of programming, the tools keep changing. You have to watch your work become obsolete again and again and again. Which is what makes stone masonry so satisfying in contrast.

  18. In the 80s, thousands -- millions of people lost their jobs, and often their pensions in the wave of corporate restructuring in the paradigm shift of capitalism that was going on then, as manufacturing jobs got exported wholesale, along with any other work that can be done cheaper elsewhere.

  19. Different. The SR is an ancient trade network across Asia. The HT was a route from Europe to South Asia.

  20. I went back at age 42, which is "old age" on a college campus. Actually, it was much better than college right after high school.

  21. Am I ignorant for thinking it'd still be bearable? Once you get used to the smell I would think you'd be glad you didn't take the jail sentence. Just shift around to a less-leaky area anyways.

  22. I used to visit a county landfill site that had a dead animal disposal pit near the entrance. I would take a deep breath and hold it as long as I could as I passed that place. I doubt if a person could even survive 8 hours in that pit.

  23. Well funny thing about that, it's nature's way of saying "Hey bugs, come here, get some of this delicious baby feeding meats I got! That's right, come buzz my putrifying loins and get sexy in here and lay your eggs you sweet natural momma."

  24. "good enough for a fly, good enough for me".

  25. I was thinking that too. Hey old people, remember the 30s?

  26. My first car was a 36 Chevy. A few weeks later, I traded up to a 37 Dodge.

  27. The thirties were a lot different from the 50s. You could make payments on a new car and make payments on a house if you were making $600 a month in either era. Easy.

  28. Looks a little like a DC-3. Planes of that general configuration have been flying for over 75 years. Not 100% sure it's a plane in the first place, but there have probably been a few go down in the area in the past 75 years. Good luck.

  29. I'm currently on year 14 of a very similar fuck up. I might not have long before the mud pit I'm stuck in dries up and I'm trapped forever. Maybe your comment will scare me into action.

  30. It is amazing how completely a person can change. I've never felt that it has to be for the worse, however. You could come out of this better than ever. As ever, chose your friends, and don't take the easy route by giving up hope and rotting before you're dead.

  31. They are identical 10x10 squares. They look too perfect to be natural, but they could be tarps that got away from a construction project and floated downstream. :)

  32. A weird Soviet movie about a vacation along the Black Sea. Their cars never look good.

  33. LOL, dropped the needle at some random spot about 1/3 of the way in...

  34. hm interesting. do you think friendliness can be captured by a picture, soundbite, or text?

  35. All those things can be faked. And then misinterpreted in the end.

  36. The eyes are the window of the soul.

  37. i dont get how one of the most expensive grocery stores is in pahoa.

  38. Buying items off the shelf at other markets at retail, you have to mark them up to make a profit. And you can, because now you're the only place that has them.

  39. Sure, and I remember stuffing a wad of paper up the chute, and coming back to pull it out with a handful of quarters behind it. Then they put the sliding door in, to foil that. I used to stuff lots of vending machines when I was around 13. I had plans for an empire.

  40. Naw, pretty sure I was at the one at Balboa.

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