1. They just sound american... But the inflections are spot on

  2. The colors are darker and has more shadows, look like it's at night in the tv show. The silver is more gunmetal grey

  3. Repainted rider for same series maybe. But repainted suits for different series? Now we get into questionable territory.

  4. House Cats should be only allowed inside homes. And be supervised and leashed outside.

  5. The character dynamics are better between the characters themselves and not with the traveler. Traveler should take a back seat from the story in quests that involve the characters, like the Shenhe one...

  6. He traveled to other dimensions that had those riders probably. This is dai shocker decade before he lost his memory.

  7. “Freedom” is when you create a society where everyone else is forced to drive a car because that’s the way things have always been, apparently

  8. Ultraman with hidden/no eyes like Hikaris arb gear. Ultraman with hidden mouth.

  9. In episode 20 geats possesses both large magnum and powered builder. But doesn’t use the BuilderMagnum dual on, even though he used dual on with BuilderBoost form no issue just three episodes prior…

  10. It’s possible that Ace can’t do Powered Builder and another regular Buckle. May be the same case as how we don’t see Geats mix Buckles that don’t involve Boost or Fever

  11. They can do it in the simulator, it's possible. There is no restriction at all

  12. Road trips are the band of me… they are the worst.

  13. The writer should write them into the story more. I’m tired of the armed forms, there’s too dang many programmed into the driver compared to large buckles. So far the only large dual on forms, that aren’t boost, are through the feverslot buckle.

  14. The whole junior seniority thing never made sense in new gen Ultraman anyway. Everyone should be equal unless otherwise stated.

  15. That happens in a game world. That's why they should make it canon onscreen.

  16. i think because the magnum buckle is more compatible with geats

  17. He should've used both together. They have the lower leg costume made. They keep avoiding so many potential Dual On forms

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