I’ve genuinely lost attraction to men

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  1. 15 here, but despite the legality it still feels kinda wrong when I'm in my 20's. I'll say it like this, I probably won't ever approach anyone that young, but I wouldn't turn them down if they came unto me

  2. Black, Red and Purple seems like they'd fit really well for spookyness

  3. Green, either they're hot and it's a win, or i just got a regular maid to do all my stuff for me

  4. Yeah, knowing how many men are actually like this makes me feel ashamed of being one. For what it's worth, I'm sorry for all of you that's been hurt by these guys

  5. I was until it got leaked, speaking off, check out

  6. A lot of rocket launchers start production

  7. Not really, but I remember a pretty terrifying event. I was around 11, and me and my dad was in the city, we were waiting in line by an ATM and the person in front of us had a shitbull, I swear as soon as it saw me, it locked on to me, it was muzzled (luckily), but I still got scared and hid behind my dad. My dad noticed and since he is 2 meter (6'5 feet) tall, and was recently buff at the time, he angrily looked at the dog and it stood down. My dad had a talk with the owner who seemed to understand, I had nightmares about that dog for a couple of days

  8. I will bet that there are no kid deaths from those three breeds because kids are not encouraged to climb all over them the way that they are with pits. People seem to acknowledge that those breeds are dangerous and should be treated with caution. My uncles bred rottweilers when I was 7-9 years old. I have lots of good memories of playing with the puppies, but I wasn't allowed to touch the adult dogs. I think that there were 4 or 5 of the adult rotties. There also were never any issues of the dogs breaking loose and wrecking havoc on the neighborhood, nor did they chew up and destroy the house, like pits typically do.

  9. Also those dogs understand family and usually pack bond with children early on, so they're more likely to protect them if anything.

  10. Man I'm proud if i even get a 2k, as you can tell I'm not good at the game, but I'm just playing for fun anyways, so eh whatevs

  11. Don't like him, not sure why, just really don't

  12. Why jump through the hoops when you can fem yourself up and get topped. I’m sure a nice thick cock beats any gifts you’ll get.

  13. Why not both? Dick and gifts, sounds great 😎

  14. I use haulers because upgrading storage space takes too damn long, and costs too much

  15. Someone call Sparrow, he'll make it work

  16. I'm not trying to be rude here, but why does she look like that? What she born like that, or was there an accident, why hasn't she gotten surgery to improve it, just curious.

  17. Their going to be slaughtered And used as cannon fodder since their not Russian

  18. Yeah, seems tactics from soviet days hasn't really changed... "If we keep throwing men at them, eventually they'll run out of bullets"

  19. I feel like it's more of a trans thing, not trying go gatekeep a plushie, just my experience

  20. Goodbye factory, money like that would change my life so much

  21. Cabrón technicallly means "male goat" but it's used like bastard

  22. Don't disrespect my girl Hip like that, I totally didn't install some... "enhancement" mods for her either

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