1. If you are interested, our group Cycle Vancouver is setting out to do just that. We are mainly formed around promoting cycling in vancouver, but we welcome anyone who's got a passion for making vancouver friendlier to other modes of transit. Anyone who is interested, please let me know if you'd like the discord link!

  2. Okay.. i was exaggerating when i said i'd do whatever i can to push back. Im not currently in the market for a drastic career change lol. I was thinking more from a 'concerned citizen' perspective.

  3. I will shamelessly plug Richland Hub every chance I get because the owner is as awesome as his coffee.

  4. Not COTW, Berkeley polypore likely. Still edible, only recommended when young.

  5. Just trying to help you see we're not on opposites sides here

  6. Alright man. Thanks. Have a good night.

  7. Thought it was a parasol for a second by how wide the cap is!

  8. I'm PNW based, so not sure. Amanita's are a common species though, so wouldn't be a surprise if they're found in Maryland quite often

  9. Need to dig the whole thing up and see if there is a volva at the base. It has identifying features of Amanita Sp. but unfortunately the volva is a key piece to see.

  10. You can get into Portland relatively easy. Portland won't let you leave though, no matter what time you try getting back.

  11. If you cannot identify the mushroom yourself, do not eat it. Trusting redditors who, for all the OP knows, is just as inexperienced as they are will get them hospitalized.

  12. I get it, it can be annoying to see so many repetitive posts.

  13. I get your point, however, take a look at the comments of these posts occasionally.

  14. Hell yeah brother, let's keep the christofacist train running full steam ahead. All in the name of $2.75 gas.

  15. Licking one won't kill you unless you treat it like a lollipop, the toxins are within the mushroom itself

  16. Holy shit okay. I licked it a tiny bit just to see if it tastes bitter, but then washed my mouth that won’t kill me right?

  17. You're good - you would need to consume the mushroom to feel ill effects. Likely half of one of these would send you to the hospital for a kidney transplant.

  18. You found what appears to be a matured spring field cap.

  19. Get there asap. The Ajaruli (cheese bread) is nuts. We moaned considerably loud the first time we ate it. The experience is also great.

  20. I don't recall Prince's having pink gills. From my knowledge, it goes white/cream to dark brown as they mature.

  21. Yes, agaricus sp.! Cut the stem, if it stains yellow quickly, it's a yellow stainer and poisonous. If not (or stains very slowly), it is either a horse or field mushroom. Both of which are edible.

  22. I'm familiar with the guy. Unfortunately, as others have stated in the thread, he's disconnected. Doesn't seem like a bad person underneath it all, just difficult to understand at first glance.

  23. Thinking young Agaricus Augustus here but can't confirm. Smells sweet

  24. Do they have a distinctive smell like anything?

  25. Getting some sweet notes on the cap, almost licorice-esque.

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