1. Yea I’m having hell finding this one tho

  2. Awesome, that's the 2nd Walkabout Minigolf I see, might give it a go then ! Ty for the recommendations.

  3. But have you actually achieved it this week? I don’t think it’s an issue with reach max speed I think it’s an issue with it registering.

  4. I'm about to try it and see if it checks out, basically it says to stand on the pink vents

  5. If I was in your situation, I would just add my microSD and when the pop up to format pops up I would press yes and then watch a video on how to add CFW and then just follow it step by step. Start fresh <3.

  6. In the event that I choose to do this, would that involve readding the necessary files onto the MicroSD card as stated in this guide:

  7. I know in text is probably well written and clear but I’d much rather personally just watch a video of someone installing the CFW on a step by step

  8. I payed $5 USD on a gift card for titz pro (a ton of games that people buy with the same money the same community puts into it), waited 3 (ETERNAL DAYS) to get an access code on my discord (easier to use app that one would expect) and then was finally able to play. It was 3 long ass days, it's a super fun game. If you don't have $5 then that sucks man, I wish you best of luck! But it really is worth it imo, they even have save files that give you the latest online items pretty quickly so that's cool too!

  9. I know there's people that are capable of uploading save files on to tinfoil. I'd suggest looking up how you can do that. Because 1) I imagien you play offline haha cause you haven't been banned yet so linking up your save file to your nitendo account is out of the question. There is a save file, and there is a way to reinject it onto a factory reset switch. Nonetheless it would be if you're formating and reinstalling CFW so you can access tinfoil. But if you're trying remove the CFW and you bought animal crossing and you're trying to play that save file then I'd say is a lost cause.

  10. This will probably sound stupid af to most of you but if you're down to join

  11. Honestly, I don't think any exist on the switch.

  12. damn, well that's a shame. Why be great together when we can be average by ourselves (X

  13. I agree with the honesty part and time wasting. Like I can lie if need be but I'm pretty much done lying if I do not have to. It just takes too much effort for nothing.

  14. What are your favorite self help books? I don't dwell either, action, always, all the time, life is hard, it's always been and you gotta face it head on every millisecond of your existence.

  15. I paid with USD recently and it took a little over 24 hours

  16. Dang, that sports game gonna have to wait haha. I guess I'll play next weekend x.x

  17. It takes a while. That's why they tell you to give them a Jpy card and it's basically instant.

  18. Ofcourse just use DBI installer works every time never had a problem with that. Just google or YouTube how to use it it’s simple

  19. Sorry too, haha I promise I'm not completely useless haha just very motivated and new x.x.x.x.x.xx

  20. Awesome haha, now where do I get roms from haha x.x.xx.x.x.x T.T

  21. Do reply once you hear back from them. And would be appreciated if you can share how the experience is. Im considering it too.

  22. I just donated so hopefully it doesn't take too long. I totally was being cocky thinking I'd be playing something new today, sucks to suck haha

  23. Another user explained it so I'll just copypasta it here

  24. I wanna pay for it too, where do I pay for it. I wanna send a little. Like 10 or 5 but I don't wanna get scammed

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