1. poor kanye & bianca as well ☹️ idk how papz aren’t legally classified as stalkers

  2. honestly i agree. i don’t understand why they chose to collab with her when she doesn’t know anything abt fashion. like she couldn’t even put together an outfit without dani by her side. i think it would’ve made much more sense to just have kim be the face of their campaign than their “collaboration”.

  3. I can’t see this being good for Timo’s branding honesty. This is so weird to me on every level.

  4. honestly for the small amount of ppl who know who he rlly is (a nyc rich kid fboy) this is right on brand. but for the majority of his fans who think he’s this pure amazing man who would never go in the proximity of a karjenner this is probably shocking lol.

  5. Well yeah because Kanye spent all of last year verbally abusing Kim and her then boyfriend Pete, including accusing Kim of kidnapping her own daughter.

  6. they said kylie is self made again 🤣??? i feel like kims self made status is debatable but kylie 100% without a doubt is not.

  7. what part of her life has kim not willingly broadcasted? she does not want a private life omg she needs to be 4real 🤣

  8. no clue but her list is insane. i don’t know anyone who meets ALL of those expectations😂

  9. It’s Fred a black name or a white name just curious, even though color doesn’t matter lol. Please don’t take this comment to Deep guys 😭😭😭

  10. Also Kylie showed up too Timothee’s house with 1 vehicle but there were 2 seen leaving (safe to assume he was in the other and they flew together.) then she was seen at Chanel where Timothee was just chosen as the face of their fragrance Bleu and is shooting commercials.

  11. cordial. i don’t think they’re besties bc they’ve never been but i don’t think they hate each other .

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