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  1. Watch 'Everything, everywhere, all at once' to see multiverse done correctly.

  2. I listen to alooot of artists/groups but it's more of a casual thing unless it's a group I really like (eg. Mamamoo).

  3. My dog lifts his face in the air when you do this and occasionally spins in a circle so he can get right near your hand.

  4. Mine does this as well except he also licks the air for whatever reason.

  5. Does anyone have any recommendations like this one

  6. I do this in a relationship too. Nice to know it's normal lol

  7. Found out it was on “I like to watch Big Mouth”

  8. Omg how did you find it so quickly!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  9. Short white hair rapper, orange hair w/ cat ears, the pawing dance and the fact that I've been listening and dancing to it a lot recently haha. No problem!

  10. Thank you! I will love you and apprecaite this forever.

  11. I didn't know I needed this in my life. Also, one of the last crossovers I expected to see.

  12. I love this! the fancy farms are so unobtainable to me. I do not have the patience to put down stone and all that jazz. Where are your chests though?

  13. Same. My farm is one big fenced off area for animals now lol.

  14. You can always change professions for foraging so that everything you forage is iridium quality

  15. I thought that was a case but all this talk had me hoping otherwise lol

  16. High heart rate/ fast short breaths/ lack of appetite/ nausea/ shuddering/ lack of sleep/ and i guess not being able to sit still?

  17. I saw this posted on a Drag Race page I follow but thought nothing of it thinking it was a joke.

  18. Same i saw it on the drag race reddit and thought it was a joke... maybe ive been watching too much UNHhhh...

  19. I've watched too much UNHhhh, I thought this was a joke at first...

  20. My Great-Uncle says it adds extra flavour. I feel like throwing up everytime I see the inside of his mugs...

  21. I am going alone! I see it as having fun without dragging someone along who may not enjoy it. Besides, it means you can do everything at your own pace.

  22. I remember one Harvest Moon where your barn/coop could collapse (usually because of a storm) and then the next morning, some guy (been a looong time since I played it) living on your farm would tell you all your animals died.

  23. I'm pretty sure this was in the DS Harvest moon games! The lower material quality your barns were made of, the more likely your buildings were to collapse, and it's part of some methods to get enough deaths to marry the Witch Princess.

  24. I don't think it was Pete like people were saying, im fairly sure it was Fena because they mentioned "never a peep from the peanut gallery " and Pete chimes in all the time.

  25. I name all my animals (except the cat) after drag race queens.

  26. I have the Stardew Valley Expanded mod! They added some fish but the whole mod is perfectly canon-friendly I forget its a mod. Would absolutely recommend.

  27. I play on the Switch mostly but i'll keep this in mind!

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