1. Not really. It's ID and a reason, and that's about it. Oh, and the police need to come check your gun safe. Appart from that, it's just the waiting. A few people I know got one shortly after their 18th. They where all farmers' kids, but still.

  2. I very familiar will Uk gun laws. They are insane lol and I’m not American there are other counties on earth that allow people to own firearms that are more than just a break action shotgun and ancient muzzle loaders😂. Police coming into your house to check your safe is overreach as well imo.

  3. No need to be so aggressive in this subreddit. Let the government only have access to firearms that would be great for our people back home right…

  4. Nothing the conservatives would not do in a heartbeat if they had the opportunity. Maybe liberals are just playing by conservatives rules (hypocrisy at its best)

  5. Fuck I spent 100$ on a cabinet for no reason

  6. Lol don’t worry imo its a waste of safe space even if you don’t have many firearms now safe space is taken up quick best way to solve this is storing ammo nice and organized in a separate storage container or cabinet like you bought

  7. Thanks. Enjoy your rifle dude. I'm downloading CS when I get home from work lol

  8. I have cain. He was just a different hw for me. Better than hw cormier.

  9. Naw I feel ya bro that other guy in the thread definitely hates Indians he doing way too much. And Ye u right I only generalized y’all cuz I thought you was doing that to malis. I feel like some of the mans in this sub are just getting tired of all the India politics being posted here. It’s good to spread awareness but it’s like there tryna take over the sub with it.

  10. Agreed fam Reddit comments are tricky shit goes left real quick lmaoo all good tho happy we can have some understanding hate arguing on the internet with random people what’s the point you know? It’s ironic tho the protest going on rn are all Sikh people cause they don’t fuck with India and want to separate from them. That’s why you see the yellow Khalistan flags and not India flags. I’m not saying I agree with this it just is what it is the worlds crazy we don’t need to bring that shit to Canada or this sub 😂

  11. Ye bro I liked to hear mans out instead of just have a one sided opinion, and yea what’s happening to Sikhs over there is fucked hopefully they prosper soon. Respects brodie reddit be hella lame now it’s just a bunch of racist shit spreading around you can’t escape that shit no more.

  12. The chick lean is strong with this one

  13. No idea. Maybe at one time it was corrosive. We've stocked it for about 4 years now and I shoot it in my guns. All of the ammo I've shot has been non-corrosive.

  14. Thanks for the response I’ve avoided it for quite awhile due to this. Maybe I’ll have to grab some

  15. Nice. What’s up with people saying it’s corrosive then cause nothings worse than buying non-corrosive then finding out later it’s not…. Rather just run corrosive knowingly

  16. Yes. The pistol calibers and 22lr are blowback. The rifle calibers are direct impingement.

  17. The 556 version is apparently very close to being shipped out. Although, it is a small company so I'm not going to believe it until I see it.

  18. Nice rifle dude imo one of the best on the Canadian market. Factoring in base price I say it’s the best bang for Buck around

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