1. I'm gay for a week and I don't know what I mean by that

  2. I wonder if it's a biological thing where your brain goes, hey man it's worth dying to protect that.

  3. Men take longer to mature and he's 2 years young. He's gonna say dumb stuff.

  4. Because the NRL does it and the AFL is jelly.

  5. Jar jar does something dumb, scares one of the shield carriers and the beam breaks causing the other beam to fry the dragon.

  6. This being posted after watching the latest ZP. Spooky

  7. Can you provide a link for that ruling? Doing a search for "Tierny" on the rules forum only turns up a question about the white lock.

  8. https://www.atomicmassgames.com/star-wars-transmissions/hot-shots-and-aces-ii-first-order-pilots-overview

  9. Here's the passage I think nerfixion is referencing from that article for anyone who doesn't want to click through and search for it:

  10. I agree the wording is odd as all they had to our was "other friendly" on the card, but when they explain the concept, you can't not be friendly to yourself.

  11. Let's be real, and it's negative, we will only know when it happens because currently they can't even balance standard ships let alone the others and if they want to ram their "simplified game play" down everyone's throats I don't see then releasing all of the extended ships.

  12. I agree SoC and Hot shots has some nasty power creep on paper in a few areas and CIS has probably had the biggest Ls in points (besides the packs)

  13. I hope so to man, but until my boy HMP isn't 25% of my ships cost, I don't feel it 😂

  14. I'll just say 1X 1X 32 for now to be safe

  15. It's been years since I worked at a supermarket but they used to be in a huge fridge out the back which was colder than the drinks fridge.

  16. If those fridges sucked they wouldn't get used.. and people walking past doesn't effect them. You can't put meat in a fridge that doesn't work for example.

  17. OP has just said their drinks are warm but has done it multiple times, so clearly they will get used... It's colder than room temperature.

  18. They have alarms man. If they stay above a temp for too long they go off.

  19. This will piss off every German tank lover buuut.

  20. Use the app, order it and then tell him the code. Can't mess it up.

  21. Go one step further, use its legs to join the sides and body. Kinda like the splits

  22. 1 - your partner should get the snip and stop whining about that.

  23. https://www.atomicmassgames.com/xwing-documents

  24. Physically, no according to science, but you can be mentally addicted.

  25. "You can't be addicted except for when you are"

  26. Remember when battlefield took this stance and it was their worst selling one? And now BF is dead.

  27. Sounds like a dodgy Craigslist personal.

  28. How's the drain for this run? Because that's all the issue is.

  29. Not allowed to pull over on a freeway with a tiny emergency lane when traffic is doing 100kmh.

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