1. Danzig is the German name. Gdańsk is the Polish name. To say that it has, "always been Gdańsk," is to say that the city has always had a Polish character, which is true but also kinda simplistic.

  2. Ah, ok that makes a lot more sense, it was the free city but that was tripping me up, as I had never heard of an arrangement like that.

  3. They don’t even know what critical race theory actually is…. They are banning books that even remotely blamed white men for anything bad that happened in the past

  4. Which in the case of Florida means anything that goes against their religious/editing history vaguely authoritarian party line.

  5. General rule of thumb, central/Eastern Europe, if it’s shaped like a star, even more so with that background of more offset stars, especially if it’s red, it’s communist.

  6. It's pretty windy and everything is frozen not trying to be a smart ass but I can hear the trees in the backyard earlier and it didn't sound normal, sounded like they were going to snap!

  7. Yeah the power lines on poles is a big issue, anybody else remember the ice storm of ~10 years ago (I was young so I don’t remember the exact date) where something like 2/3 the town was without power and we ran out of road salt.

  8. The fact that three (technically four) people were present when they were doing this and nobody stopped to think that this was a bad idea. I guess they were testing the 'if you play with fire, you will get burned' theory.

  9. I mean, it’s technically not a terrible idea, if you get the gas flying fast enough it should move away from you faster than it can burn towards you. However, any reasonable person would realize that a shop vac has nowhere near enough power to achieve that. Thus why I suspect the involvement of alcohol.

  10. I had plenty of homework assignment during college. 13 years ago. When did that go away? Haha.

  11. In university right now, it’s still a thing. I mean, outside the assignments it’s not worth any marks, so you could just ignore it, but that’s a bad idea for your grades.

  12. Not necessarily, I just hit 20 recently, and I and my younger sister both did square dancing in school.

  13. Red Army Faction. Also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group.

  14. Little piece of trivia, in die hard Hans landen claims to be a member, but in the German version it was changed to a different group (IRA iirc) because it was seen as a potentially too sensitive subject matter for German audiences.

  15. Use ichimonji or high monk. Those are the best that don’t use spirit.

  16. Lovecraft never said Azathoth is sleeping, and he never said Azathoth is dreaming. That idea was invented after Lovecraft's death, seemingly by the RPG.

  17. Iirc it was taken from a letter that he wrote to someone outlining a novella he wanted to write, but never ended up writing.

  18. Yep, look at ww2 for an example, America supported the everyone through lend lease, but didn’t actually fight until Pearl Harbor. Similarly, America is supporting Ukraine through lend lease, but (likely) won’t join the war unless the Russians truly lose all their brain cells.

  19. When I was a kid a lady in my church wanted to organize a book burning party for Harry Potter, which was my all time favorite book, so I decided then Christians were batshit crazy.

  20. I mean, I remember my catholic school used the hobbit as an example of a Christian story and we had to write about how bilbos ring could be seen as a gift from god. It took all my willpower to not spell out just how stupid the premise was.

  21. I stole a necklace from a gas station when I was 5 years old. I asked my mom for it and she said no, so I shoved it in my pocket. I got away with it and was never caught. However the guilt was eating me alive. I couldn't stand to wear the necklace so I buried it in the back yard. Somehow, being denied the catharsis of punishment was worse than if I had just been caught and punished. I worried for at LEAST 3 years that I would be found out.

  22. Was it later dug up by a painter who was blamed based on circumstantial evidence?

  23. People have a hard time understanding the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, specially Americans it seems.

  24. Part of it I think is how America is used to thinking of a nation as one thing, and the uk, due to its imperial history has a bit of a complicated political systems dealing with the subsidiary nations by contrast.

  25. Canada as well, as far as I know. Which leads to the fun thing of having a jaywalker both having the right of way and breaking the law simultaneously. Mostly only matters if a car hits you. But honestly, crossing when all signals say not to is just dumb, regardless of how the law works.

  26. Yeah, jaywalking laws are (iirc from my grade 11 law class) there to save drivers when they are in a situation where there was no physical way for them to slow down to avoid hitting a person (ie someone running out into a highway).

  27. "I should be allowed to just run people over!!! this is an outrage!!!" -average american psychopath, everyone.

  28. I mean, if I run out of the bushes onto a highway, it should be recognized that most vehicles will physically not be able to stop before hitting me, and it would seem logical to blame the person being an idiot, not the person who was unable to violate physics.

  29. Basically, anything that is emitted by something is a form of "radiation" as it radiates off the thing. It all falls under radiation but has drastically different effects.

  30. AcTuAlLy, my research indicates that you could die from it. You’d just need to eat 45 million bananas in a day. And then you have a 50/50 shot.

  31. Honestly, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. There have been more replies, turns out they don't know English either.

  32. You are correct. I own a Geiger muller counter and it reads the same background amount near a modem, in a forest, and next to a 5g tower.

  33. The vast majority of the dials also work, I know altimeter, compass and the aiming up/down ones do, the others move but I’m not 100% if they’re accurate or not.

  34. Not truly black and white (there’s a little red) but schindlers list, it’s a beautiful film.

  35. PDR is paintless dent repair. The verticle blue pole looking thing is a florescent light (you can see the reflection running verticle through the tail light and bumper) the guy in the purple shirt is using a tool called a whale tail that's inserted through one of the holes in the car to push out a dent, he uses the reflection of the light to look for ripples in his work piece and see when the dent is pushed out far enough.

  36. Wow, that’s actually genius. Shit like this is why I love watching my people do seemingly complex stuff with simple tools. The people who can make do with little are absolute magic.

  37. To stipulate, I mean not in combat. So no need for personal space, just physically how many if chest to chest, shoulder to shoulder

  38. Iirc correctly it’s roughly 4 people/square meter if you really squeeze them in, so for a 30x30 room, thats 9.144x9.144 meters, or about 85 square meters, so if you squeezed them in enough that the room would start to heat up and people might be unable to move, you get 334 people. But at that point you might need to worry about trampling injuries.

  39. We're riding on the right side of road so don't get surprised and be careful on crosswalks. Drivers are supposed to stop on these and let pedestrians reach other side of the road but you never know - some shitheads just zoom or worse, overtake and speed up.

  40. Ok, I’m from Canada so it might be a culturally thing. But that said, do people wear shoes inside? Like in private homes I mean, that just seems like it would get everything dirty.

  41. No because when I was a kid, I put 4 or 5 warheads in my mouth at once. I very quickly spit them out because it looked and felt like part of my tooth was dissolving. I'm not sure if it actually was, but it scared me enough to not trust super sour things.

  42. Probably was actually flesh off your tongue, even one or two of them will give your tongue chemical burns if you’re unlucky.

  43. Ok, does it ratchet lout and slow like a torque stick or quick and soft like dental pliers? You have struck me with a morbid curiosity.

  44. Woman home mechanic here, torque stick. It sounds absolutely horrible

  45. Oh fuck, yeah that sounds like the worst possible option.

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