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  1. I disagree with her decision to drop the game and I feel as though she missed the point, but so what? She still has the right to drop any piece of media that makes her uncomfortable.

  2. I’m really confused on what the original tweet is trying to say do you think you could explain

  3. Think of it like a polynomial with a single root at say, 123456890. Using the factored form of a polynomial, you would have a single root of the form (x-1234567890) with a multiplicity of 2. Expand this out to get your ax^2 +bx+c =0

  4. This was a very fun integral and probably my hardest so far, with a couple of interesting tricks, so I applaud you for providing this question.

  5. No, calc BC is basically calc 1 + 2, and mv calc is basically calc 4. Linear algebra is a separate thing about matrices.

  6. Calc 4 is more like differential equations. Calc 3 would be multivariate

  7. As long as you can swing a pickaxe you're fine. Someone has to get the materials

  8. I will say, WSL lets me have a decent dev environment while not having to dualboot for gaming

  9. Well differentiability implies continuity, so in order for this to be differentiable it would also have to be continuous. So, what values of a & b would make the value continuous at x=3

  10. I will be honest, a lot of limits tends to be the algebra. I would suggest checking in with algebra topics to see if there’s anything you’re missing or need to touch up on

  11. watch heimlers history; when i took the course i watched him a day before a test without knowing anything and spat back the info on the test. i actually ended up getting a 5 on the actual ap exam so that method must be somewhat ok 💀

  12. Heimler saved my ass over here; started studying the night before the exam and his videos really helped for the era 1/2 stuff lol

  13. I used the Princeton book for practice tests, pretty good for knowing where you need to touch up on concepts. Realistically though, use both concurrently as there are pluses and minuses to each book

  14. True, but the hot coffee controversy stemmed from the fact it wasn't mentioned on the games age rating.

  15. Plus that was an interactive scene, at least for the Witcher the scenes were just cutscenes

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