Adults of reddit, what is something every teenager needs to know?

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  1. It certainly isn't the worst neighborhood in the city but it isn't the greatest either. It used to be a lot worse.

  2. I have worked on/near the medical campus (next to the fruit belt) for many years now and I think you'll be fine. As recent as 10 years ago, you could almost expect your car to be vandalized in some form if you parked in the fruit belt, even during the day time (this was mostly a response to health care workers taking up all the neighborhood's street parking spots). As the medical campus continued to develop in the past decade, the area has gotten much safer. There are still issues, but travel in a group, secure the house when you leave, be skeptical of stop signs/red lights meaning anything to drivers in that area, and I think you'll be completely fine.

  3. Thank you so much for the detailed reply!

  4. Depending on the size of the your environment, there is a tool called Ivanti Application Control that has a feature like this.

  5. Let me check that out. We have about 500 machines and we are already an Ivanti customer (patching). Thanks for the suggestion

  6. It's a clever tool that should allow you to remove Administrator access on your endpoints almost entirely. You can audit every elevation that uses the tool in case you have a security group that may be interested in things like that. Takes a little education for the end-users, but works very well.

  7. Are you running the script by calling Deploy-Application.exe or Deploy-Application.ps1?

  8. Started out with help desk and got promoted to desktop support, Help desk lead, to desktop engineering, and have held 2 100k+ desktop engineering roles (currently 100% remote in an average COL area). This is all over around 102 years time.

  9. Although Powershell CAN do this through a script based approach, in a domain environment you can achieve this much more easily by using Software Restriction Policies in a GPO. Would nip this in the bud with little setup:

  10. I use VSCode for Powershell almost exclusively. Once you turn off snippets it handles intellisense like a dream. GIT access in the console is a lifesaver for our usage. Also, the PSScriptAnalyzer and one click fomatting has saved me a bunch of time and encourages best practices in scripts.

  11. Live like you make 80% of what you ACTUALLY make. Invest the rest. The earlier you start, the easier your life will be later on.

  12. I feel like an idiot, but cannot figure out what the -f parameter actually does here. Same thing with a 'd' in 'd$l' part of the code. Can someone elaborate?

  13. Yes! I just found it out. Thank you so much for the ss64 article and your explanation. It clears it up completely.

  14. I worked at M&T in a technical role but nothing IT related. Here are my thoughts:

  15. Hanks for detailed insight here. Sounds like you have to bounce around to make any money there.

  16. You have to leave M&T by going to a different company and then going back to get those big raises. Bouncing around teams within M&T wont help.

  17. Oh yeah! That's what I meant. That's how it is with a lot of places down here. I remember coming into a new job making more than my senior and it caused a lot of tension... I wish it wasn't like that, but there's a ton of hr and management that can't retain talent.

  18. Can't wait. Love events like this!

  19. Always wanted a pseudo walkthrough to BurntToast. Would like to integrate it with psappdeploytoolkit.

  20. You can run try what your doing as system. You can also try the subinacl utility here:

  21. It’s not blocked on the machine because some it was running. You’ve jogged my memory, I was able to get a start transcript running and it just shows a blank where I was expecting the variable to be, even when I was doing write-host $versionchoice

  22. Likely this is because the variable $versionchoice is not in a subexpression and is not being evaluated by the -Arguments parameter. You'll have to write it as $($versionchoice) for the variable to be evaluated properly as part of the string. This is called a subexpression. Here is a good breakdown of it:

  23. I lost 145 lbs (350lbs to 205lbs) over 2 years. It revitalized my life. It was the smallest I have ever been and allowed me to feel like a regular person for the first time.

  24. Most of these changes are awesome. I think most people who are complaining either don't play Zangief or are stuck in an pattern of how the character is "supposed" to be played from preivous games.

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