The danger of high powered magnets

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  1. Magnets are the shattered, pulverized, scattered remains of Magnet, the Original. How Magnet came to be shattered, pulverized, and scattered is an epic for some other time, long story short Magnet is reconstituting itself through shear force of will, and all the magnets, no matter their size or shape, have an unstoppable desire to join up with each other.

  2. Now we're talking! Just imagine the wii sports music whenever you visit there

  3. It's slightly insane to me that abortion is even an issue anymore given that the rest of the developed world has accepted it. They're just looking at us like morons again, doing our stupid puritanical American things.

  4. The problem is that the Constitution gives the Supreme Court the power to say that declaring "life begins at insemination" is not a religious belief and basing law on that declaration does not violate the First Amendment. Having six Catholics on SCOTUS sure is convenient for the forced birthers.

  5. Sure, but who could we trust to make that choice?

  6. The solution is simple: Prohibit all human reproduction. Forced sterilization at birth. Pretty soon the problem will resolve itself. No pesky decisions about who gets to choose or what are the criteria - if you're human you don't get to reproduce.

  7. I would have someone make a phone to use in that cradle. This interior is dreamy.

  8. Wait - the nuttiest wing-nut is too nutty for the MAGAts because of stars? Wtf? smh & lmao

  9. He advocated for the Khmer Rouge being the rightful government of Cambodia, for one thing.

  10. Disney owns Fox now. Tim Curry is the best Disney Princess. I will not be taking questions.

  11. Have you seen the mirror shot at the end of The Eyes of Laura Mars? I do not know how they shot that without getting the reflection of the camera in the shot.

  12. If starving babies are a consequence of your system, it might be time to revaluate said system.

  13. Yeah, but closing your baby formula factory due to health concers can happen under any economic system. The problem was putting all our eggs in one basket. The question is how many other essential products are dependent on one key supplier?

  14. Eric Holder is not in a position to do anything or to even know what is and isn't in the "Justice" Department's plans for Donnie. My money's on the DoJ doing absolutely nothing and having no plans to do anything.

  15. Lady, if you and your son want to have sex no one is stopping you. And if you don't post about it on the internet nobody will shame you or arrest you or anything. It's your feelings of guilt and shame that are holding you back. Listen to them!

  16. Nope. Unless you consider go fast straight with abysmal handling a sports car.

  17. I mean c'mon... Are we really expecting here an infinite source of light without maintenance? If this was a thing, it would be everywhere, used by everyone.

  18. She should move to Russia since she's such a staunch Putin supporter.

  19. They beat me to it! For years I've wanted to make one that's Barbie vs. G.I. Joe. I put it on the back burner when I realized a standard table was too small and I'd have to build the whole thing.

  20. Is there just the one or have they built others for other ships?

  21. Dr. Jensen delays deployment of a vaccine, potentially extending a pandemic, and wonders why other doctors question whether he's fit to practice medicine. smh

  22. Brand awareness is a big thing with big companies. Just like most people obviously know what Coca-Cola and Pepsi is, keeping the brands in front of the public eye keeps them in their minds. With a company like Comcast, many don't have a chance to switch providers for internet or cable, but keeping that brand identity in front of people is important to their corporate identity still.

  23. It just feels like part of my monthly bill is being spent to remind me that I'm stuck with a monopoly.

  24. I always assumed the advertising was more for the mobile and tv side of the business. To compete with other mobile providers and then to compete with dish and directv

  25. I hear ads on the radio for gig internet, and they don't even offer it where I live.

  26. How about a generic floppy disk? Not specific to any software.

  27. No, it still wouldn't. The same people who think it's smart not to vaccinate against covid also think they are too smart to catch monkeypox, and anyone who did was either morally inferior or deliberately infected by a Democrat.

  28. Alex Jones is now claiming monkeypox is in the covid vaccine. He's actually saying that the covid vaccine is spreading monkeypox.

  29. It's amazing how much the camera captured just dangling from a wrist strap like that.

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