George Stinney, 14 years old and the youngest person executed in the United States. He was electrocuted after being accused of murdering two white girls; the jury, comprised entirely of white people, sentenced him to death after only 10 minutes. He was found to be innocent 70 years later.

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  1. That middle one is a CVA/Traditions isn’t it? That’s an amazingly well done build. It looks the part. Whoever put that kit together is a dang artist.

  2. And without Williams’ vibe it’s lackluster. The artifice was lacking.

  3. Aint that the truth. Finally a war to help Jews and they’re like nah.

  4. Let’s go baby. We’ve been prepping to slay Orc pigs for a loooooong time.

  5. You know Duel Masters is actually the #2 TCG in Japan right? And often enough including early 2019 it was #1, outselling yugioh.

  6. はい、この事を知っています。でも、英語でそのゲームを遊びたいです。I meant in reference to the English formats.

  7. Based. An educated and fellow well worldly versed card player. Dope my dude I see you. Did you play during the Victory Kaiser era and Zenith creatures?

  8. No way the Red Coats let this slide. Britannia bout to be back and slangin’ lead.

  9. The state that did this still exists? Are the descendants or family members compensated in some way? Were any judicial staff members later arrested or hung?

  10. I had previously posted this mini but I went back and touched him up. Added a grassy base with spooky blue psionic lighting. Also “promoted” him with red cape. Made of green stuff and hobby clay.

  11. “Oh? How uncharacteristically prescient of you”.

  12. Long live the American Republic & fuck the police.

  13. I think a true fan is defined by understanding 1-6, Clone Wars (all iterations), Rebels, Bad Batch, Kenobi, KOTOR are all about the destined eventual balancing of the force by the chosen one Anakin Skywalker.

  14. It all actually depends on the public reaction to the executions. If people become outraged and take to the streets in large enough numbers as well as constantly demand that their representatives push for stronger measures the governments will eventually listen and amp up their actions.

  15. Who’s the dumb fuck who downvoted this comment?

  16. Where’s the Red Coats. You fucks gonna let this shit slide? I say our boys get out our Continental Blues and we avenge you Tommies once again. This Putin cunt wants to get imperial, we can show him imperial.

  17. We fought the wrong enemy. Patton was right and we should have eliminated the Soviet filth then.

  18. Cept we’ve been doing in for a while now and have more experience at it. The Taliban let us walk out and secured our exit. Our enemies treat us with honor after facing us. Same with Vietnamese.

  19. I think it's more that they knew we were leaving and wanted us to leave and didn't want to give us a reason to stay.

  20. Like I said, we’re good at it. Why keep us around.

  21. Whoa. So how’d they overthrow their links to the British crown and establish a society devoid of titles? Certainly there is no Lt. Governor of a free nation.

  22. Where’s the first part of this video? The UAV marks a depot for an artillery strike.

  23. Yikes. This is gonna be as bad as the time I said you have to be a real fan and actually good at RE to understand RE:CV.

  24. May the great French people who have always stood for liberty and freedom remove this traitorous filth from office.

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