After 6 years, 1 month, and 21 days, I became a U.S citizen. I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do next. Any suggestions?

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  1. Emrakul, the Promised End & before that Rayami First of the Fallen. I’m not doing so well here lol

  2. Not good for EDC, just shoot it as practice ammo.

  3. I’d take the uriel and Gabriel for whatever price

  4. Sure you could do it, probably just the once. That’s a good way to blow up a gun. Just buy a cheap powder measure.

  5. For a revolver this advice does not apply. For a long barrel over charging is a real danger.

  6. Also this was not easy for me growing up either my grampa called us lesbians for playing these make believe games. We should of been out hunting...Anyway I think I can say what now gramps!

  7. You’re trolling on the wrong sub. It’s the TCG sub that bans every user.

  8. Nedthius, would you be able to get me the links to the original images? I want to use in an rpg but I couldn't find them.

  9. They are from the comic series. Google The Strain comic images/cover art, if nothing comes up I can send you the links.

  10. The premise is of a viral outbreak with undead zombies. The goal of Umbrella is to produce a semi sentient bio-weapon that is strong, regenerative, and can take orders. There are plot lines involving corporate espionage to acquire said bio weapon secrets via betrayal and assault. For 8, I feel most of this is done away.

  11. Pretty dope huh, I ordered to have it printed.

  12. The flavor is a bit off on Gojira. Color wise he should have been red,green,blue. He should have been a Ghalta with an aether flux breath weapon.

  13. He was pretty badass when he fought Obi Wan and survived on Tatootine after being recruited as Vader’s personal bounty hunter there. For the fella about to reply “that’s not canon”, I’ve still got the comic book.

  14. Don’t give those cunts your money.

  15. How much for that uriel? I’m in USA.

  16. I thought the big monster boss squid skull thing was pretty creepy.

  17. Oh how I wish we could advocate for harm to come to those featured in this story. Doing so however would be against sub rules.

  18. He takes his helmet off too much. I can’t figure out why he’s gotten softer. He was a hired goon for Vader and Jabba. I imagine he was a man of few words and made tougher than nails. I don’t see him hiring the biker gang and not disintegrating the twins.

  19. You remind them that England ruled over most of the world with the threat of violent force. They colonized countless peoples and destroyed their indigenous culture, language, and religion. It may be arms that cause unfortunate events, but they also allowed for worldwide liberty and freedom. We became no longer under the rule of monarchs and the systems of lords and barons. Would schools be safer with such things more restricted and banned? Probably. But we should inquire with India and Poland (abandoned in WWII to the fascists and Commies) and see if they have any Brit trust issues.

  20. You may experience trigger spring breaks. They are very easy to replace. I have to replace one about one every year and a half.

  21. Any chance I could get the link for the super tyrant?

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