1. Ne tariffless declared alle pakete unter 21€ wodurch man keinen zoll zahlen muss

  2. Europe tariffless sendet es zu dhl und die sollten es vor deine tür bringen

  3. Warum ist dhl shipping dann teurer als tarifless wenn es auf das selbe hinausläuft?

  4. What is goat yupoo? So sorry semi newbie here but I bought some stuff from AliExpress and via some sellers I talk to WhatsApp. That’s all I know.

  5. Nothing terribly important happened in BOBF that has any bearing on the Mandolorian story…they basically became BFF.

  6. Am from Germany so I can’t tell sorry bro

  7. Does it depend on the seller if I get a refund or can I get a refund from every seller?

  8. Is Panda just saying this because they want to be safe or is it a real thing that I can't pay with PayPal?

  9. Idk but I have a solution: use PayPal to load money into your balance

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