1. Wouldn't have joined the alliance cause he recognised how dumb Hange's ideology was, but he'd already been under floch and wasn't the willing to be a Yeagerist, so neutrality is most likely.

  2. One of the best takes on an AI's perception of the world I've seen in anime. Unfathomably based and gorgeous

  3. Throughout the manga, he's only referred to as Pochita or Chainsaw Man, never as the Chainsaw Devil, which has lead some people to believe that he's actually the Chainsaw MAN devil, which would probably explain why he's powered by the fear from devils rather than from humans.

  4. A devil is born from hell due to some concept that can exist.

  5. Zombies aren't real, but they have a Zombie Devil, right? This means the Devils can be born from the fear humans have towards fictitious concepts, too. This means that if the Mom Devil were to tell the Son Devil to "behave or Chainsaw Man will fuck you up", then it's totally plausible that he can be born from Devil folklore and urban legends alone. If Devil fear powers him, then there is no reason to think Devil fear wouldn't give him birth, too.

  6. Zombie devil's aren't real but the concept of a "zombie" has existed for ages, and most importantly it existed in the human realm.

  7. Dennis definitely paid more attention to the cat because of Meowy

  8. I don't want it to be readable. I want people to give up so they don't correct any mistakes I made.

  9. Yeah it really doesn't make sense. The reason the Paths dimension was created was because the King fed her body to their children. Why Ymir decided to make Titans for 2000 years when it is canon that she wanted freedom and also had complete control over the founder is beyond me. The Stockholm syndrome explanation makes no sense because, as you said, she chose to defy the king, wanting to cut herself off from him forever. Everything post time skip wasn't developed properly and ends up falling flat. Isayama wanted to do too much in too little time and it ended up ruining the story.

  10. Has any other story been told across multiple forms of media like this before? I know there are absolutely plenty of adapted stories, but how many of them are directly bound together as 2 separate entities telling 2 different stories in the same world that ties into one?

  11. You have to reuuse pieces. Take out all the ones from the doors you've already opened, the one you need for the final door should be among them

  12. yes...? Is this some desperate attempt to be funny? you guys act so thick. How is the genocide of the outside world not for survival when Armin fucking failed and paradis was destroyed in a few decades?

  13. because armin only failed to do that because the rumbling happened in the first place, something about how yall blame it on stopping the rumbling rather than starting it really doesn’t sit right with me

  14. "The student failed the test because he took the test, because obviously if he never took the test he never would have failed it"

  15. Conciousness and emotions such as Fear are things only present In and felt by animals, so if we're going strictly by "Fear" as an emotion plants wouldn't make sense.

  16. Killing billions for a random book? You're oversimplyfing what that book represents. It represents freedom. A world that he thought existed on its own without people. When he saw that the world wasn't like that, and that it was full of war, conflict, and hatred along with these things, he was so disappointed. Nobody should argue with you since you're too dense to think about what the book represents, and talk like he was killing for the literal book (lmao), and not the contents that was in it. You just wanted some "based" story where some nationalistic, man kills a bunch of people for the sake of his race. You didn't get that, and now you're pissed lol. Just drop the story, and move on. Get a life.

  17. If, in s3, years after the fall of shiganshina and multiple life changing events, he'd completely forgotten about said book... how is it, that 4 years AFTER S3, that book is so essential to his goals?

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