1. Imagine thinking that the wonderlic is a measure of intelligence, football or in the real world.

  2. It is. It may be an imperfect measure, but standardized testing with time limits is a fairly accurate measure of intelligence.

  3. The Wonerlic has terrible psychometric properties. It is not a valid assessment of intellectual abilities whatsoever. There is a reason psychologists doing cognitive (IQ) assessments use many other instruments instead. You shouldn't use a players score on it to make any point at all.

  4. Is it perfect? No. Does it give you a reasonable understanding of whether someone is really smart or really stupid or somewhere in the middle in 12 minutes? Yep.

  5. We haven't seen that version of him since 2019, when he was hypertargeted. 11.5 targets per game is not going to happen, I don't think, this year.

  6. He finished top ten in 2017 and 2018. And the league is far more pass happy now.

  7. They at least gave Trubisky Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, Taylor Gabriel and drafted Anthony Miller in the 3rd round in his first real season as the starter. While all of those may not have worked out, they at least attempted to give him a chance with weapons around him. It feels like this new regime isn’t committed to him at all.

  8. As a Bears fan I think he will under perform is ADP. Last year was his breakout year and the whole league now understands his connection with Fields. Which by the way, he is just about Fields’ only option. So I expect heavy doubles, meanwhile the OL will remain mediocre this year, so JF will get wrecked again

  9. His ADP/ECR is below where he finished last year. Guy in year 3 with a year 2 QB and improved coaching (and massive target share) is not going to underperform what he did in year 2 with worse coaching, a rookie QB/revolving QB door, and sometimes-Allen-Robinson.

  10. I hear it so much, "Hill's production will drop off due to Tua not being able to throw it far." Then, I hear how Waddle will get all the mid-field receptions. Same thing in Oakland except for it's, "Adams will be doubled covered and doesn't have Aaron Rodgers anymore." I can't plan my draft based off all this; I'm not drafting anyone on the Dolphins or Raiders lol.

  11. If you want to know what this offense will look like, check out the 2021 49ers.

  12. I think in a PPR league, the Dolphins receivers will be exceptionally valuable. I wonder if Gesicki might suffer a bit, and he's off my draft board at the moment.

  13. Lamar is a...less than ideal QB to be tied to as a pass-catcher. He's just not going to be consistently a high-volume passing yardage guy. So you're banking almost entirely on high TD output, and that can be fluky. I will not be taking Andrews anywhere this year because I will never take a Lamar Jackson pass catcher in the first 3 rounds.

  14. It all depends on how the first few rounds fall. If I can get to a place where I feel like my starters at WR and RB are safe, I don't feel as committed to depth at those spots...and then I can be a little bit more aggressive with later-round fliers and playing the wire. It's how I wound up with a lot of Schultz and Knox last year. They both went undrafted pretty much everywhere and both finished as mid-tier TE1s.

  15. We do have 2 IR spots as well. If that’s any consolation. With your league, that’s 280 players rostered at once. I can’t imagine there is a lot of movement on waivers no?

  16. A lot of dynasty players, and people on the dynasty sub especially, love super-deep rosters. You'll see threads arguing whether they should cut Tim Tebow or Colin Kaepernick. (I'm only half-kidding.)

  17. Right now I agree that theyre probably low qb1s in most leagues, but I think Tua could shine with all the weapons he has on that offense. And mac had a great rookie year and I think he has the potential to be even better in his 2nd year.

  18. The Pats added fairly little this offseason and he adds nothing with his legs. They want to be run-first, and they don't have an OC. I just don't see the upside to be more than like QB11 or something like that.

  19. As a Pats fan Mac will be hit or miss. Like you said no OC. Granted a new offense that actually involves Jonnu, getting a deep threat with Parker, and James White being back could help. But I just don’t see the production coming to make him fantasy relevant

  20. He will be, I think, a better real-life QB than fantasy QB this year. And that should be what Pats fans want.

  21. Hard to justify sending any more in real life to get him than you'd send in a dynasty fantasy league. The guy has shown basically nothing.

  22. I think it's one of those situations where you try to figure out where the talent tiers are. Schoen probably hasn't done a ton of work on the top few guys for Buffalo (Why waste too much effort scouting the top 10 guys if you're picking between 24-32?) so it will have to be some of his own evaluation and trusting Giants scouts.

  23. I wonder if he will take Bobby Babich's spot. Bobby, our former safeties coach, has now become our Linebackers Coach now that his father Bob has retired.

  24. They're past that point now and clearly tanking and rebuilding unlike in 2017, i'm sure if the Lakers offered good stuff they would take it especially DeMar was gone anyway

  25. What would the Lakers offer have even been? Some of the crap they traded for Russ.

  26. The other people in this vacation group, seemingly: Kyle Allen and his girl plus Coral Silverberg, who seems to be dating Darnold.

  27. She works for Klutch in some fancy-sounding role. (Director of Football Operations)

  28. Dont count it out yet. Cowboys are on the Rams' home schedule. It will likely be them for the opener.

  29. If they want to put down a massive number for the opener, Cowboys-Rams or Bills-Rams are probably the best choices.

  30. I guess the 49ers rematch doesn't really have national appeal, especially with a new QB. Surprised they didn't find another excuse to put Dallas in a prime TV spot, though.

  31. I think it's extremely unlikely that Darryl and Feliciano would both be back on their current deals. Feliciano, especially, was a Bobby Johnson guy, and seems like a strong cut candidate.

  32. Bet it goes up about $20 million this year and even more soon because new TV deals are on the horizon. Bet we have $30-$35 million by the time free agency rolls around.

  33. It's estimated at 208.2m for this year, which is about 10m more than 2020. That's the most it can be per the agreement from before the season. They're still getting things ironed back out after the players got overpaid during the COVID year.

  34. They have to make it through to a point of sustainability before any of that matters. How many secondary football leagues have we seen fail?

  35. That's why the question and post was talking about down the road, we all understand that any league has to first make it. But I see both USFL and XFL staying around for at least a few years, for various reasons so then it comes down to who has the better business model, or really what the ultimate goal is for any league

  36. MNF doubleheaders kinda suck, but missing half of each game also kinda sucks. I guess there's something to be said for having another option if one of the games is a complete dud.

  37. I end up missing part of each game anyway since I'm usually still at work when the first game starts and I've gone to bed before the second one ends lol

  38. Yeah, they're really brutal. The early game is too early and the late game is too late. This sort-of fixes that, and gives you something to watch if the one game sucks or during halftime, and maybe you wouldn't miss the start or finish of either, but...it's still a little like the early-window sunday games. You pick one and the rest you mostly ignore.

  39. It’s looking like there will be 3 as MLFB is selecting players in March for their season running May-July

  40. Considering their rules and officiating were better...I'm here for it.

  41. Why is working in the NFL better experience for an NFL job than not working in the NFL?

  42. I'm saying waiting tables at that fancy restaurant better qualifies you to work in management at that fancy restaurant, because you already know the culture, the people, and where the bathrooms are.

  43. But being a very low-level coach is not the equivalent. It's not "Oh, now you get to be a coordinator, oh you get to be a head coach."

  44. With such an elite and impactful passing offense, you've got to pay for it.

  45. Please, McVay is much younger. They're going to find his old Myspace posts instead

  46. Bathroom mirror selfies with the flash on and trying to make your bicep look bigger by pushing it up...a true fire-able offense.

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