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  1. Omg he looks like the March Hare! He is so fluffy!

  2. You actually made me realize that you're peobably right, holy shit and tbh, i've never felt so betrayed in my life, doctors are shit

  3. Dude this is one of my dreams, if you finally have the chance, do it! Don't hesitate and enjoy the experience :D

  4. That's not how Steins Gate was supposed to be like :(

  5. Holy shit, they should burn in hell, not so surprising it's again about fucking Islam...

  6. I never was able to watch that show, I hated the animations and the face expressions of the characters, it scared the shit out of me :(

  7. Americans talking about food/food culture. Love it

  8. You literally made a thread for members of a porn group to chat to each other, lmao tf

  9. Dude what? I was 16 when i met my 19 years old bf, do you think a person maturity changes suddenly when she turns 18?

  10. Not to mention, he looks dark. something not right here

  11. Fuck no, leave him, he did it more than once, there is no coming back

  12. Omg it's the first time I see an underwear model who isn't photoshopped to the point of being unrealistic, this is so much better! And she is far from being ugly, I can't understand how people can complain about models having "imperfections"...

  13. This is so inspiring, congrats for your new home amd for closing the gap ❤

  14. I'm from the future coming from the alpha line, 6 years in the future, on the 30 of April 2022, you will find the shirt of Kurisu. There it is :

  15. Vrchat! He was the second person I had met there and from the first day we started talking for hours and hours and here we are :)

  16. Not really since it is extremely unoriginal and very predictable that someone would say this

  17. Revenez-en... Vous avez toujours pas compris qu'elle partira jamais la criss de covid? Reprenez vos vies et si vous êtes parano, restez chez vous et évitez aux autres de sacrifier leur santé mentale pour une minorité d'hypocondriaques

  18. I've heard there would be a werewolf mobile game my gf plays when I'm asleep.....and shit I just realize we need to play it together still xD

  19. It's in french silly, mon petit lopin de terre :(

  20. You can get B2 in a year if you are dedicated, especially as you already speak a foreign language (i.e. you know how to learn languages)

  21. It's a bit hard with school and work to keep the beat and sadly my second language was English and it took me around 5 years to truly be able to express myself :( I was younger so it probably won't be as hard but it still worries me

  22. Thank you! I didn't think of this as one of my options, i'll look further into it :)

  23. It depends what you are exactly talking about because those girls can be literal narcissists

  24. Stop going on this sub, it's cringe anyway, i dont even know why it is in my recommended

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