1. I guess it's some kind of knockoff Nintendo controller? As people said, Dragon Quest was basically Nintendo-exclusive until 7, and I don't recall any Dragon Quest games being ported to Saturn or Dreamcast unless there was a Japanese-only port for the former, and while Sega might have gotten Square Enix's permission to use the franchise name in their story, they most likely may not have had Nintendo's permission to portray the NES or SNES in the flashback.

  2. Oh thank you so much Kyodai for explaining with details!

  3. Yeah it's similar to Sega Mega drive imo. But it's not a SEGA console.

  4. It's actual part of chapter 4 in Yakuza 5 remastered

  5. I have 160 hours on Yakuza 5, and beat the story twice, yet never noticed. That's pretty crazy

  6. You can fuck in 7, if he hasn't fucked before I made damn sure he did after

  7. I was expecting to see a Slime from Dragon Quest! XD

  8. Everything about Shinada made me emotional. My boy deserves a happy life! :')

  9. Yakuza 0 when Kiryu told Nishiki they are not brothers anymore and Nishiki cried :(((

  10. I really thought Lee and Saejima are the same person :|

  11. And that's not mentioning the fact that he killed himself for nothing, because she didn't actually died

  12. Gonna be honest, I went blind into Y6 thinking that Nagumo might go the Rikiya path so I tried so hard not to like him

  13. I'm not sure if they come to an agreement with Johny to "continue" Judgment with Kimura (Yagami's actor) or is this just about publishing these 2 games and after that we won't see Yagami as main character?

  14. This is just my opinion but I think the reason Yakuza 7 was turned base because of Ichiban's love for Dragon Quest which is the most famous JRPG in Japan. And Ichiban saw everything like a DQ game even he called his "friends", "my party"! And the game itself had lots of references to DQ, they even added Yuji Hori (DQ's game designer and creator) in credits.

  15. Seriously why does people hate to see Kiryu with Ichiban? I literally cried when I saw his walking silhouette appeared in trailer!!!

  16. Aren't Nanba and Saeko using someone's likeness? (I might be misremembering rn)

  17. For god's sake, can someone translate the voices in the background???

  18. But I don't think they change main character's model even if Johny stops working with RGG. That's so weird!


  20. I hope so about agreement but tbh I don't think RGG can convince Johny :( Johny is a real jerk!

  21. My only problem is that I don't know how the hell Kiryu could trust Yuta! He's just a baby how the hell he can protect Haruka and her child? =_=

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