1. The trout lilies were at Artpark and the trilliums were at Iroqouis Wetlands.

  2. Always love the revolving art of both Cargills and Concrete Central. Every time I go back to it there will be some new name on the scene, plus all the main crews/names still up.

  3. Definitely interesting seeing new tags every time and that no one messes up the decent ones. Would like to see what the upper floors pieces look like, but I don't have the upper body strength to try and climb up there. Not to mention my fear of heights.

  4. You’re a braver man than me. I can’t ever bring myself to cross all the active train tracks to get over there.

  5. Pablo said he will chew everything you own and lick your face for dying for him.

  6. Fun fact, if you climb to the top of it you can unlock the whole bottom third of the Niagara Falls map.

  7. I was thinking of Assassin's Creed, but I'm gunna guess it's probably the exact same system.

  8. Assassin's Creed makess much more sense. More climbing and jumping off high buildings.

  9. Is this recent? I like the way the sun is reflecting on the snow in the foreground. If it's a recent photo, I may have to re-think my whining about the warm-up, re-freeze cycle we've been having. Not all bad, I guess.

  10. This was from around Halloween and the leaves were just starting to peak. Still some nice leaves at the Niagara Gorge.

  11. So many things that bring back memories of why not to do something.

  12. Super random but do you know when this was taken? I was at Letchworth Thursday 10/28 and I definitely saw that truck because it reminded me of the truck in Twilight.

  13. I believe that was the day. It was sunny and a nice day. At the archery range spot.

  14. Whats the best way to do this? Are there good spots to park two cars or would you float down and just walk back

  15. There are two good places to park (Valentine Flats and Forty Road), but I always just do the creek walk or find a good spot that's running fast and ride an intertube in the same spot and do it again. I am not sure about the best get in and get out spots for inter tubing though. It depends on high the water levels are as well.

  16. They have been known to spit in people's eyes, so it's going to cheat.

  17. I was unaware of this. I will have to wear safety sunglasses next time.

  18. The rapids are the best part of the trail! So many people don't venture past the whirlpool, which is such a shame.

  19. True, I wonder how many people visit the Falls and don't even know about the Gorge trails.

  20. Looks like a tortoise beetle larva (or another type of leaf beetle). The blob on top of it is its fecal shield, which they hold above themselves as a defense mechanism.

  21. Interesting. I saw another one with a different shaped shield on it. Now that makes sense. It didn't look like a uniformed shape.

  22. I love this. And it continues around the corner.

  23. It is nice. I like that much of them are local people, that I wasn't that familiar with.

  24. It is One Niagara Square. That is one of five squares blocks over the main door.

  25. An interesting fact about the daddy long leg is that when it loses a leg, it adapts its gait for the change, and can continue a healthy mobile life with as little as three legs!

  26. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/scientists-tweak-daddy-long-legs-genes-to-create-daddy-short-legs/

  27. I’m pretty sure there’s a place in Lockport that has it but I forgot the name

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