1. Oh 💀. Yeah hopefully things get better for him. Moments ago he left and was able to take 35k$

  2. It’s weird that the countries with better living conditions and liberty have higher rates than some places which don’t have similar conditions.i guess religion plays an important role but i think the main reason is something else.

  3. Why are u upset man. Iam just pointing out what the map says.btw iam in syria and happy it's not always the place.

  4. Be honest though, are these feet not gorgeous?!

  5. I mean idk how feet can be gorgeous but she seems to take good care of them nice and clean that’s all.

  6. اختك مالا علاقة مارح سبا،عكل حال بنبسط كتير لما شوفكن مبعوصين.

  7. لا مومن السويد متلي متلك بالوطن. مابعرف وين بأي تعليق دافعت عن بشار؟؟عكل حال تاني مرة لاتسب اعراض الناس.

  8. الكل بيفكّرني عنصري ضد اليهود بسبب اسمي، مع انّه مالو علاقة فيّن :(

  9. وانا كنت مفكرك مخبص عالكيبورد وطلع معك بالغلط.

  10. There is no you or us. We will go to Turan together, my Turkish friend who thinks he/she is Arab.

  11. قدمت شكوة بالمغفر؟ هاد الواقع. هنن سكان الارض وبيسمو ارضهن بالأسم يلي بيناسبهن، مو أنت بتفرض ثقافتك وقواعدك عليهن. تفكيك البلد حصل بسبب هي العقليات المغلقة.

  12. شو هالازدواجية هي؟يعني هنن عادي يفرضوا هويتن وثقافتن الكردية ععرب وسريان الجزيرة؟؟ومن ايمت اسم القامشلي او الجزيرة السورية صار فرض ثقافة عربية؟

  13. بالنسبة الك اسمها قامشلي والجزيرة السورية، بالنسبة لغيرك يمكن لا. سوريا متعددة الثقافات واللغات. وما حدا فرض عليك شي، استخدم الاسم يلي انت بتحبه لمدينتك وخليهن هنن يستخدموا الاسك يلي بيحبوه وتعودو عليه.

  14. الامر مو عكيفي ماعم قول هيك.اهل المنطقة ككل بقرروا اسم المدينة وانا متأكد موكل اهالي المنطقة الشرقية رضيانين بهادا الاسم الي مدري ايمت طلع"روجافا".

  15. 1.Namle 2.Na7le 3.Daboor 4.Jarade 4.Idk 6.3ankabot 7.What is that 8.Sarsoor 9.barghashe 10.debbane

  16. my bad. turns out arabs killed more innocent people than hitler. so they are BOTH horrible.

  17. U realise how stupid you look??how do someone compare a person to a whole ethnicity? Hitler killed 7 million innocent jews so germans are bad? Mao zedong killed tens of millions so the chineese are bad?? What a complete idiot.

  18. Middle East is in this position because of Middle East. Colonisation nearly a hundred years ago. Middle East was colonised because it was an easy target because they were so far behind. People act like Middle East was a Utopia before Europeans arrived, it really wasn’t.

  19. It wasn’t a paradise but it would have been surely better without colonialism don’t you think genius???

  20. No? Since colonisers left MENA has become the centre of the world right?

  21. I didn't say that, i said it would have been better(although in many mena countries people live better than you ever will so i think that would hurt right??

  22. Yes sa7ten has the best shawarma imo but nothing else. It has been a while since I ate at laffah but it was always the first to raise the prices.

  23. I still have two other threads against Hussein the lord of the terrorists, you can check them out :D

  24. No need.you already showed that you are one of the 0.01% of the peaceful ones.

  25. Not at all, i have many sunni friends it's not their fault that you are the way you are.

  26. That's why I replied with another statement OP made just in case you didn't know.

  27. OP said he was cat calling her (very disrespectful). That's essentially sexual harassment and similar to being treated like a piece of meat.

  28. Op litreally said" a saudi woman breaks a man's phone for asking for her number" i commented based on that, not that i know what he said to her.

  29. Bro we follow the 12 imams so he is shia. Even though bashar isnt iniated doesnt mean he isnt alawite completly

  30. What do u mean??he is alawite not shiaa the 12 imams aren't for shiaas only.

  31. I am an alawite, and i follow the 12 imams. So technically we fall under the umbrella Shia.

  32. Me too, that doesn't make me shiaa. If you are really alawite you would know we are different.

  33. Tell me you don't know shit about history without telling me you don't know shit about history.

  34. Why so you’re saying this line that divides Iraq and Syria is historical and it doesn’t exist cuz of Sykes-Picot ?

  35. I didn't say any of that. You said syria is part of mesopotamia, which is mad stupid. Saying that either iraq is part of syria or the other way around shows zero historical knowledge.

  36. Abu abdallah is the nickname for imam hussien son of imam Ali and the grandson of prophet mohammad. It's kind of a mourning for his martyrdom not any kind of extremism.

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