1. What model routers and AiMesh devices are you using? When was the last time they were updated? I'm using 3x RT-AC86U and 1x RT-AC68P in AiMesh setup. They are old, but they are still being updated and I use the Asus-Merlin firmware. They work great, for the most part. Everyone week or two, sometimes longer, I'll need to unplug the main router (which is the oldest) for a minute or two. Once I plug it back in and stabilizes it all works great. My best speed test was last week at 171.94 down, 12 up and 30.94ms ping.

  2. You can have a clean kill shot but depending on animal, they might still have a enough adrenaline to run. My sons first elk was a heart shot at about 50 yards using a 270 Win. She still ran 30 yards.

  3. I had to create a new account due to some system changes. I couldn't login to my original account. If I recall, there is a note stating such. I just re-registered and my info was there.

  4. First I heard the name was when I visited a local old timer in December. He showed me and my family his collection of hunts from all over the world and that is what he called them. I thought they were just barbary sheep - nope - Aoudad.

  5. In my previous job, some IMINT nerd would tell me that it’s just a long cylindrical object. lol

  6. I've said it before...and you should probably know this... File an FCC complaint. If more people would do this, the FCC will not think of these requests as an isolated incident and investigate Starlink for these issues and their lack of response.

  7. I haven't been able to get it provisioned on an Asus router using the IPv6 in passthrough mode. Not certain if any of the tunnel modes would work.

  8. Credits cannot pay balances off, they will just be taken out of your bills

  9. Credits can be used to pay off balance or a portion of the balance based on the offer. That's how it used to be, but it seems AT&T found a way to keep customers locked in payment free, spread out over the course of 36 months or whatever the contract is for. They even get you with the small payment offers and if you want to pay it off, you pay the difference of the left over retail balance based on how many months are left. At least that is how it's programmed through the account.

  10. FCC complaints seem to be the most acceptable resolution when it comes to unsat customer service with wireless providers. I had to file an FCC complaint a couple of years ago because of CS issues with AT&T. Within a day or two someone from the Office of the President of AT&T called and we were quickly on our way to a satisfactory resolution. If AT&T CS would have been as polite and responsive as the top office in AT&T I'm sure most complaints would be resolved much quicker. Then again, most people probably don't realize the powers of the FCC (or merely the influence) can have, so companies benefit. Good on you for following through! I really like AT&T and haven't had much issue with the service compared to other major networks I've had service with.

  11. Okay then! Thank you. I'll just reach out to them.

  12. They switched my sim out today and that fixed the problem and I’m in the South Miami area by the way

  13. Interesting! I'll give them a call or stop by the store next week. Thanks again!

  14. When I had Comcast they had a 1TB hard cap before they started charging out the ass. Cox was 1TB but bumped to 1.25TB during the pandemic, unless you paid more for unlimited data. I was paying over $150/mo for 500mbps with unlimited data. RCN in Chicago was like $80/mo for 1gbps.

  15. We had Cox back in Vegas up until we moved 5 years ago. No data caps and we only paid $60/mo for cable internet. Speeds averaged around 60 down from what I recall. Moving states and out in the country with our only ISP option being a WISP, took some adjustments. The WISP doesn't have data caps. They are the same provider that serves fiber out to the next mountain community. The main fiber line runs right up the canyon I live that no one has access too, even if it goes right by their property. Fiber is cheaper comparatively as they get 100/10 for about $60/mo where we have to pay about $65/mo for 10/1. I'm glad to ditch them. They asked what it would take to go back and I told them get fiber or something better than wireless for the same cost and faster speeds. If they would get us to 50/5 I'd go back. 10/1 is just too slow.

  16. I wonder if it's a state by state policy or if in the last 5 years they've gotten greedier. Cox signed an exclusive agreement with the apartment complex in Arizona.

  17. Greed wouldn't be much of a surprise.

  18. In my opinion when you are paying for a service and the service isn't delivering, you send a message to support. A day or two is reasonable to get a reply with a way forward. When they close out tickets without resolving requests for help, people really should just file a complaint with the FCC with facts. The FCC will respond and they will send the complaint to the office at Starlink that works with the FCC and they will be required to respond. I did that with one company and matters were handled swiftly, although, it still took a couple of months to resolve permanently - but the way forward was good for me. The final outcome is sent to the FCC and you to close out the complaint. Starlink really has no excuse to provide support in a timely manner.

  19. Employees are expensive and they can’t afford them?

  20. I sent them a support ticket about this very thing just last night. I checked my usage yesterday and the billing cycle had magically changed from the 8th to the 15th of each month. I've had Starlink since early 2022 and it's always been on the 8th.

  21. Same here... It's back to normal and on the 8th as well.

  22. Working fine here in NM. 6 sec total: 2:01 AM No signal received - 3s and at 4:29 AM Network issue - 3s. Starlink is working as expected.

  23. Working fine here in NM. 6 sec total: 2:01 AM No signal received-3 and at 4:29 AM Network issue - 3s. Other than that, Starlink is humming along just fine.

  24. Every single person i know thats gotten a VW has had multiple major repairs in the 1st 2 years of owning them and always had it in the shop and has regretted buying it everytime. We talking multiple engine swaps, transmission rebuilds, seats melting, with most of these things happening multiple times before there new off the lot car hit 20k. The jetta i had years ago was the biggest pos ive ever owned. After the 10th time it died on me in a parking lot i sold it out of the grocery store parking lot dead because i was sick of having it in the shop every other week. VW makes terrible cars that are far from reliable and thats there reputation unfortunately. You make shit cars for long enough and thats what your known for.

  25. You know, I'll second this. First time VW owner. I was always under the impression VWs are great vehicles. Bought a 2012 CC last summer. Great shape, no apparent issues, drives nice. No sooner did we buy it, discovered oil in the coolant. The previous owner was top notch and paid for the repairs. A few months later got a CEL for misfire, but it drove okay. Just recently completed cleaning the valves and replacing the injectors to get the CEL to turn off. Knowing what I know now, I'll never buy another vehicle that will require the valves to be cleaned.

  26. Sounds like the sound my old AC condenser was making before it shelled itself last May. Thought it was the fan motor and replaced it. The noise was gone for a day or two then came back. Definitely was the pump when I looked closer at it. Wasn't a few days later something happened that caused the fan blades to shear off the shaft and pierced the coils. I'd definitely get that looked at before too long.

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/MiceRatControl/comments/qljoqi/mouse_control_methods/

  28. Thank you for the link! Lots of great info. So basically, there is a hole somewhere, but it would really need to be about 1 inch or bigger for them to get through. A/C lines are sealed. Crawl space vents are in good order, no damage.

  29. Exclusion is important, but may not be 100% achievable. Exterior bait stations are the answer to that.

  30. Exterior before stations it is. Thank you!

  31. Do it yourself and send them a thank you card for motivating you to save money and learn something new.

  32. Yeah, I know people will give me hate, but I may just DIY exterior wall units instead of this single pump system. 30k, insane

  33. The great thing about installing a single package for each room is that they will be able to be fully controlled and independent of other head units.

  34. Flex duct doesn't have near the CFM rating that round or square metal ducts have. When I redid my HVAC system and added a concealed duct unit in the attic, an HVAC friend of mine said to keep the flex duct to no more than 5 feet from round or square duct to the supply air vent.

  35. Which is not surprising, as VW/Audi pushed that 10k interval on everyone for years. For 99% of drivers that is entirely too long of a threshold (in gasoline engines). Especially if the car sees mostly city driving.

  36. That's what I'm beginning to discover with this 2.0. Had I known about these issues we would have passed on getting this car. My daughter now checks the oil after every fillup to keep an eye on the levels as we didn't know they are prone to eat oil and was a over a quart low. All she does is mostly drive it back and forth the 1/2 hour drive to school down the mountain (so it at the very least gets to see varying RPMs coming up the mountain), but definitely not enough that a good long distance highway drive will do.

  37. Yeah, it's simply a poorly designed engine. No ifs or whats about it.

  38. I had never heard of a DI engine until I got this car. I've really only worked on Cummins engines, the Jeep 4.0 (rebuilding one right now) and the Chrysler 4.7L. Kind of live in a cave when it comes to all these other vehicles lol.

  39. I literally just got my daughter's car back up and running today. Had the exact same code, to include the ones for cylinders 3 & 4 misfire, all permanently stored.

  40. I was wondering if I could do the decarb myself ? If yes what are your suggestions on how to do it ? Mechanics in my area are so expensive. When I first had the engine light on I went to a mechanic and they wanted to charge me $650 for replacing the spark plugs and coils pack only, which is ridiculous . I watched a YouTube video and was able to replace it myself in less than 30 minutes , I also saved like $400 by doing it myself .

  41. You can and I highly recommend anyone to tackle it that is willing to get their hands dirty and learn! A few simple tools such as the infamous 10mm socket, extensions, and torx bits or torx bit drive socket (T-20/T-25), and ratchet (1/4 inch drive is really all you need) and decide if you want to do a walnut blast or soak the valves in a carbon solvent and just scrape and vacuum as you go until you are pleased. For scraping, all I used was a long cotter pin that I straightened, bent one end to a 90 (to scrape behind the valve stem) and filed the other end to a point, although, next time, I'd just get a proper scraping/pick set. I also used a flat screwdriver to facilitate scraping the easy to get to areas of the thick build up of oil. You do not need to remove the throttle body as the Chilton manual online says you do. I completely overlooked the notches in the intake that you can get the torx bit and extension through.

  42. I don't know about the thermostats for the Mitsubishi units, but for the Midea manufactured units, the wall thermostat for the ducted units has to be in follow me mode for it to shut off based on the room temp.

  43. Appreciate the thoughtful response here. I’ve checked the programming settings within the Mitsubishi’s controller looking for something similar but came up empty. Good idea re: the service manual. I have my homework cut out.

  44. Well bummer! Hopefully you can figure something out.

  45. What are you using for PCB design? I've used various software and am now dabbling with

  46. Never trust any browser-based password storage. If you truly want to ensure your passwords remain secure, use a separate password storage app. I personally use KeePass2 for Android and a similar app for Windows. There are other apps that integrate a little more seamlessly, but some do cost.

  47. I've recently reset a couple of windows 10 computers. No issues opting out of OneDrive.

  48. I use W10 on my desktop. There is no issues with OneDrive as you put it. But W11 is totally integrated. Its ridiculous.

  49. Dang! I had no idea W11 and OneDrive is integrated like that. Definitely can understand the frustration! At the very least, if it's not provided as an option during setup, one should be included to opt-in to local storage only, full OneDrive integration, or even a mix between local storage and selected folders for use in OneDrive regardless if you use a MS login or local account only.

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