1. I have one. It’s an awesome looking car and fun to drive. Think of an Italian MR2. They’re SUPERRRR slow tho but feel fast at least. The engines are okay to work on and parts are honestly cheaper and easier to get than most people make it out to be. A lot of owners k20 or k24 swap theirs which is my plan. So if you have the time and money to put in work it’s an awesome car just like any

  2. A lot of people don’t know Damon Albarn of Gorillaz was part of this band and sang that song

  3. Midnight Gospel. Not cancelled just yet to be renewed after 2 years

  4. Pretty sure that Jewish people today look pretty different to Jewish people around 2000 years ago, iirc.

  5. I refuse to believe Jesus looked like Kyle from South Park

  6. You don’t need to be cutting back too hard on calories and upping protein too much if your main focus is losing weight. You already have the bug muscles just a layer of fat on top. Think about if you have gave the average person an extra 75 pounds to carry 24/7 they’d be ripped underneath that. Eggs, chicken, and rice are good just throw in some vegetables and fruit to get the vitamins and calories you need. Not all carbs are bad carbs

  7. Maybe not the United States but south koreas president in 2016 got exposed for being controlled by a literal cult

  8. Trump is the best, J JR. Bush is the worth of them all. Well Obama also is the worth, probably because of the Medicare!

  9. Definitely Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Riders

  10. I media blasted a couple of these for a customer. He was doing a Acura 2L (I think that’s the engine size) and trans swap. There is a company who makes all the mounts and ecm changes so it’s kind of a bolt I. 200+hp go cart

  11. What’s the company name? I’m in northern colorado

  12. Leonardo DiCaprio in Basketball Diaries. Truly heartbreaking performance gone overlooked

  13. That seems way too simple for smino. He usually has really cool color schemes to match the sound and every song and album cover he’s had has been more artistic than a lollipop pic

  14. I went too hard on a machine for my inner thighs and couldn’t lay down, walk, or sit without immense pain for the next couple days

  15. Could be when you gone by lil darkie?

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